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They said they were getting reports of an earthquake they didn't know where it was located I just found it on the net thought you might like to tell your L. A. listeners where it was located I would rate if you could tell me hahaha so this is the first time getting of that I will say this though oh wait a minute let's see where is it three point one so it's not a big one not too big five miles northwest of upland two miles northwest of the Sierra Madre fault zone well good okay so we do know where it is I didn't know down far enough I have a feeling earthquakes are on the way folks just feeling very strong one and it's backed up by a lot of others I'm getting a ton of faxes and if you have been tracing where they have been in the western Pacific moving then to South America and Mexico then it's fairly obvious there's going to be one of the west coast or on up through Alaska somewhere and it's coming in the next pretty soon that doesn't do your bit of good I'm sure the next pretty soon that's all I I can feel and I do feel there is going to be a pretty soon event they aren't my vote is for Steve Forbes he's a kind of nineties Dr Strangelove don't you think I can just see him in a wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the other hand totally out of control he also has the same wild look in his eye can't wait for the first presidential press conference Forbes is interesting but I I want to hear more of Forbes in other words if I hear him talk about the same one paragraph one more time on television I want to throw up hope for America positive message blah blah blah but you never get any of the details you get that same little speech and then of course given a second opportunity immediately throws in the flat tax and you don't hear anymore that's it's sort of always about I'm sure he's about more than that but we're not getting it do any of you out there other than an occasional debate you don't get any more than the little paragraph Mr Forbes has he almost looks like a marionette sometimes when he says it I'm just I'm not entranced with any of these candidates I think that's what's wrong with me I don't I I do occasionally get excited one primary occurs but this last primary just shuffled the cards you know the same thing is going on we'll see maybe South Carolina will somehow change at all but I doubt it on the first time caller line you're on the air hi right art how you doing fine how are you where I find where you I mean your gene Oregon K. BMW yeah I got a question for yes alright what is the time of your book signing at the Oregon convention center hi news twelve o'clock okay and it's March sixteenth right correct among those are wonderful okay thanks art all right you're welcome it's going to be interesting because I'm doing the show Friday night Saturday so we'll do the show Friday night Saturday get on an airplane Saturday morning and go up and do a book signing all day then I suppose by late night they will pour me into bed this is not gonna be a lot of time I will take that Sunday's Dreamland and do a repeat but I'll tell you you know we've got years and years now of programs of wonderful Dreamland shows worthy of repeating that so many of you have never heard east of the Rockies you're on the air good morning art yes hi how are you okay Sir it's great to talk to you hi where are you in Columbia Missouri Columbia care for you yes Sir yes the first time I heard you was the morning of the Oklahoma City bombing that was a rough one you're live with that care for you when you're on the air and it's the first time I heard you and I've been listening to you now for some time that was a very hard show yes hard you know I've heard several times Simon and mark referring to the morning and we've heard we've heard we've heard our bill and he never stays on Cape are you with the most intense was when that was going on well events dictate and I've had a lot of intentions yeah I mean it you've got to admit this is been in intense time in America yeah all the way around and it was a going in now yes I do I'm.

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