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So here is one of those studies. It's a study of all former soldiers. And. Gauging their joint pain. Bender stiffness. And a film over the course of the study, given college X greatly improved their joint pain, greatly reduced stiffness. It was actually restoring function to any. It was performed at university of California Davis. Iron ish. Studies have been performed at framingham state university and Massachusetts the university of Massachusetts Lau all the university of Connecticut stores university of California Davis. I mean, these are dependable research institutions. So here's another one. This is the center for musculoskeletal health at university of California Davis. And it's two hundred people at arthritic knees. It's a six month long study from thirteen different orthopedic clinics. Thirteen different orthopedic clinics for a half a year, two hundred patients would authentic knees. It's published in the journal nutrition journal. I mean, this is a well powered study plenty of people plenty of researchers. Plenty of time. Absolute improvement. Absolute improvement and knee pain. Absolute notorious bad it reduced any pain, and it was getting better and better and better absolute improvement and stiffness like getting out of your share a bed in the morning. Absolute increase and function. That's what you want to look at the quality of life. Okay. Did Pango down stiffness improve. Are they getting back to your quality of life? And the answer was yes. And all these studies as an improvement in quality of life. That's an important marker like they were more comfortable taking a walk. They were more comfortable walking up. The stairs. I do a more comfortable sitting down and having brunch with their friends are going to the movie theater. Could they get back on a doubles tennis court or a golf course? The answer was yes. Dave even looked at the call the J checks and racehorses. Now all of us have seen what happened. At Santa Anita this week twenty one horses died over a two-month period should have something where there because Santa anita's supposed to be a pretty good ratio racetrack. But these horses are very vulnerable and a lot of them develop arthritis a race worship developed arthritis. I wanna gave racehorses to college and improved era writers should improve their pain. And they found the same thing in four different studies in dogs big dogs. Get authentic needs. And studied under breath veterinary center, and a Kansas and for the university of Kansas veterinary school and in four different studies. No doubt about it. When they gave arthritic dogs quality checks. It was reducing del lameness. And improving their their they're walking ability. It was reducing their limb. Pain. They absolute short proof that the dogs had less pain, less lameness. They were walking better and stuff is safe. I mean, it doesn't hurt the kidneys. It doesn't hurt deliver. It doesn't hurt the heart at safe. It doesn't cause ulcers. It's absolutely safe. So let me read you a couple of letters I've received. I have a lot many. By the way, the original studies were out of Harvard Medical School, but they were looking at a more dangerous type of authorizes called rheumatoid arthritis, and it was even helping those patients is helping to patients get into remission. So here's a letter from Judy. She had been taken to collagen H X for her knee free year. And she said she was getting some improvement. It was improving her stiffness in the collagen h h powder. She also said it was really helping her hair. It was helping her hair. She didn't see as much in her brush every day. Her hair was growing in fuller, and her nails were stronger and growing more quickly. But his what she said about the college checks because it's a long letter. That's a long letter. I was seeing some improvement. Would you collagen H X powder? But when I added the cartilage H X, two months ago. I was amazed. I can now go up and down the stairs were practically no discomfort. Here's a guy named Joe who lives in queens village. She owes us you guys a former soldier and he had been walking with a cane for several years. So here's what he said. I had terrible knee pain on a scale of one to ten. It was ten plus my knee was so bad that when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I would have to support myself. It would take me ten minutes. I would have to hold onto the furniture the whole myself up to get to the bathroom. I started taking your college checks. It's like a miracle for two years. I had to walk with a cane. Now McCain is forgotten and my car trunk. I have zero pain at that point. He started to dwell like a soft soft shoe dance for me. I couldn't believe it. Because he said he didn't even remember the cane he hadn't used a Canaan six months. The only reason you remember to Kane is because I was talking to him about. So here's what else he said. Here's what you'll from queens village says I can go for an hour on an exercise bike with no pain prior to using your product. I couldn't do ten minutes because of the terrific knee pain. I can walk now to paint is totally gone. Joe? Janet in Brooklyn, I met her in one of my stores. I go to my stores typically on Tuesday, by the way, this way just weeks a little different Tuesday going to my store in the Bronx. Yeah. Coop city on Tuesday. I'll give you the phone number there. If you want directions, it's a Bartow avenue in the Bronx near coop city. Here's the phone number. I'll be there Tuesday from one until six if you wanna combine me the phone number Dara's three four seven eight four three six seven one zero. And on Thursday and Friday..

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