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And for ten years and work with john it we had lots of fun i was a sales guy and he always love to get on a could kinda tell john wasn't fully there and uh then later august job rather quickly comes back to columbus and he told me i hear the john corby is coming to pittsburgh i thought wife well john and i connected out there we met every now and then and talk i could kind tell john wasn't fully there and uh then later always in john rather quickly comes back to columbus and he told me he columbus needs to know this central ohio uh john wanted to be home and he went back home and uh you know the broadcast business is highly competitive there's a business site to it and then the law many years i was in it through there's a handful of people so they can say too good guy and john corby was one of those guys and he later invited me down downstairs ranch and got to turkey hut he says any time you will come down to stance ranch them not here bob just come on down that's the kind of man john corby was great love to go there on the weekends in whatever recall it over the holidays and recharge beautiful spread and i got to go with him in joe and spent a night or to down there and hang out into their number of years ago and uh what a great experience for you and and for me to be you know somehow included in that little bit of paradise that made him so very happy yet always made him happy and then my condolences to jody and his family it was a shock to learn s and the eu will be mess i was listening to him i live in denver now i listen to him quite often on why still filling joy at taisei bring back the only ray vulgar insult a bunch of those and give it to john's favorite charity that's a great idea i really procedures girl that experience in that time here and i'm sorry we didn't get a chance to really cross ties that i'm glad we got to.

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