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Drove left so it can't be me right and then so i was kinda late and i i try to run and put it back so so they're not telling around you know i try to find him again tell her around then literally spun around i spent around at the santa must be spinning around you drove again so yeah that was a nice dense move is is it scary like didn't get it three though he didn't that's right that's the is it scary being out there against them there's no scary you just gotta be quick on your feet i was young i was i was her i don't wanna find cues it was a gummy true or false you have claimed behind closed doors that you could beat floyd mayweather and boxing not not in boxing in fighting we had a debate we had a debate because people in boxing there's no question it will kick my ass is no even if i'm not rich is bigger like okay so we need to loosen the rules a little bit then we need to do not just boxing now was just i was just saying that boxing is more more than boxing in fighting you you know know we were talking about a ufc and all that stuff and i was just saying the size you know the high the size the high still so big like he's very smart for me and i do i may and fighting so i i was saying that would be fun you know to to see maybe we never going to find out you know debate i think the jazz would prevent that from happening but it would be a lot of money rudy gobert versus floyd mayweather would make a lot of money and i think so i think so but anyway that's not that's not the now adjust debating having fun and once again sometime was it was fun too much time on just this weird debate what's what's your favorite boris diaw story one of the alltime ed what is the all time characters in the history of basketball french so you've played national team with him nba with him in utah is a great guy what's what's.

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