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So I know the red flags, and I know when you say some crazy shit to me like, oh, you have a personality disorder. So what are some red flags because I think that when we apply it to just romantic situations. I think it's a lot easy. Everybody would have to feel like they can determine like a red flag. But just in general, what are some red flags because I think that this applies to the family scenario. Yeah. Yeah. A huge. Well. Before I know one. I know I have. So I was gonna say, I know love bombing is one, but I don't know in a family situation. If this would apply continue love bombing is when they they pretend to be all about you immediately like within the first month of you meeting this person, they're saying things like I love you. I wanna move in with you. I can't wait to see a family with you. That's way, too soon to be saying, you don't know me. But as women, especially that's we've been trained to think, oh, these are stuff that a good man was say, this is what a guy who's really into me would say, so I can trust this guy. And this this is the one do you think it's tricky when you've known the person in a certain capacity for certain amount of time. And then you are now stepping into a romantic space, and it's harder to determine because I feel like I have been the victim of that. Because in my mind, I'm like, well you've. Already known me in this space. So if you're stepping into this new spaces because you're intentional, and you know, like, I've already observed you in this space, and I'm stepping into the space because I know that I wanna fuck what you and I love, you, etc. The that's a really tricky one because at hap- that's actually kind of what exactly right? So it's like, yeah. You you initially think oh, this is the person who I've been friends with for so and so like an obviously they're really intimate because we've known each other three years. Maybe he's barely realizing that he I'm the one for him, and he wants to take it to a new level. But no again, you have to remember that. It's also that is still about them like they're not even considering you, and it is possible for that to be the case, even though you've known this person because how well can you truly know somebody you don't even people who've been married for twenty years, and then where the mayor to a serial killer. What are you talking about right there? People thought you were soccer practice with Daphne. And you were over here murdering some of that second families that I didn't know about. Out my leading Vince, my father as a second van Vince, our guts be no convinced we give. I will watch the movie one time, I think it was on lifetime and the father had two families. And when he was with one family, he would wear his hair curly that was his disguise. And then when you come back to other family, he was straightening. Oh, wow. Like Clark Kent super exact. But yeah, that is a thing that they could do, and it's and that's a hard one. Because you're like, oh, I thought I knew this person. It don't matter. Because again, you don't fully know some that you only know what they let you see of them the conversation about narcissism becomes really frustrating. Because even though we're going to give you red flags, they're not just so concrete where you're like, oh, you have to have your eyes peeled. And I said this on the episode before Paulo Colo the author of of the says trust everyone, but never sell your sword. And so that's the thing..

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