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Picks people often ask me of prosecuting. The mob is like the movies well. there is violence. He cracks his guys over the head. And pop. Just like a melon pop. There are hits so it wasn't just permission to to take a map of permission to take out his own nephew. But after taking down over one hundred mobsters i can tell you this. The real thing is much more interesting. I'm elian honing former mob prosecutor and host of the new podcast up against the mob up against the mob lifts the veil on the world's most secretive criminal organization cosa nostra. We'll talk to prosecutors former mobsters an undercover agents and unlike hollywood all these stories are true. New episodes drop every wednesday starting september eighth. Listen and follow up against the mob on apple podcasts. Spotify or your favorite podcast app. Let's get to the good this team. Jimmy garoppolo sala game ally. Mitchell solid game. he lo- samuel wide receiver. one level. type game yes ford. Really great pass wraps one leads to pick six. One is the sack nick. Bosa had had a hell of a day kudos to the offensive line as well for the forty niners trance always going to be trained but lincoln had a really good day. Even though shanahan said fifty one percent of the muffed bumble to start the first Possession of with the forty niners was fifty. One percent of it was alex. Max fault but veteran guy like himself literally did not affect him a single moment in the game just literally you know soon as he got back on the field for that second series forgot about it essentially bronchial had a really good day especially in the run game. And and same with mike. Mcglinchey run skill mcglinchey. Were the only two that did allow one pressure and No sacks. I believe that sack of garoppolos was tally to church kiddle. If i'm not mistaken or might have been elisha. Mitchell was kill but yeah because kills supposed to have the edge but yet he went to go block down inside. That was his no responsibility. So it's not terrible safety blitz as well. It wasn't an edge. Rusher was the safety blitz ally mitchell. Wow you nine. Hundred zero four touchdown we all we just talked about where he moisture in his opponents to this offense but elisa mitchell showed well we saw in college great burst what i was surprised with physicality at the point of attack. The physical ability to run through tackles arm tackles breaks tackles. Just keep his legs moving and fall forward. They're very rarely. Do we see them fall backwards or make a you know lose yardage one big hit in the whole but he got right back up Mitch was very impressive. The niners found something there and as always find something late in the draft. You know with these running backs whether it's under the fridge late round pick absolutely in like when you think of mitchell you don't especially think of someone who's a guy that's gonna run through a middle of the defense in between the guards but yet elisha mitchell did that. He had a ten yard carry when running in between the center and the guard left guard. I should say. And then he had another twenty art kerry when he ran in between the the center and the right guard and then he had a twenty three yard carry when he took it around. George on the right end of that offense flying. So you're seeing a mixture of his you know of a bag essentially with elisha mitchell. He's not a one one play cat. He can run in between the guards nash. Just for a rookie. With a four. Four speed at five eleven. That's just not looking to just get me outside of the title and get me outside of the tackle no. I'll do whatever you told me to do. Buzz and you want me to run and be right next to the center. I'm gonna run right next to the center and put up you know. Twenty yard kerry here So that's why you like to see what the of mitchell usually like. You wouldn't be to surprise if you're getting back kind of rep from a first round running back safe. It was nausea harris in his offense doing that. You've like okay. Yeah he's supposed to do that. This is what he was expected to do. But the fact that. You're seeing no elisha mitchell do that. Who was six round pick of this team. Literally all thirty two teams passed up on elisha mitchell of the for the forty niners decided to go ahead and select them and he's looking like a hell of a player a hell of a player in like what you said it's more or s to where he's not going down essentially on the first contact like say a matt brita would And someone with his speed. That's what you enjoy to where can have that four four speed. But yet he's not an easy takedown and he's actually pretty pretty built for his size. He he's not. You know a slender man. Out there. At the running back position or he's not as as small is That cat from From the chicago bears. They're they're running back to over there. That had the season ending injury tariq cohen. There we go. I figure when i just talk about him. A little more than names in pop in my head So he's not as small as a as a tariq cohen by yet he could do a whole lot a whole lot more damage when running the ball. Mitchell had seven attempts to the right side of the often line for sixty four yards and a touchdown and then Left side wide left was seven attempts for twenty seven yards so is outside. Zone fits in well. He was explosive on those runs. He looked very very good. The niners have found something with this six round pick. And they're gonna need to perform. And they're all gonna trade sermons perform and their need to michael hasty to perform Where they do with another running back position. Maybe they've bring someone else in they cover with those three backs and jeff. Wilson is on the mend. You should be back by week six or you know week eight. That's a plus. Get him back over. The niners can survive these first six weeks. Just these three bags without having to go into the well of free agency or just other. You know poaching guys off other practice squads so now do johnson from jacksonville. I mean you're miami guy. I guess i mean they have seven million dollars cap to play with the last thing do is but he's trained trained in a trade super cheap seventh round. Pick to send it. Okay i'll be down. Philip linzie and his offense i'll be down. One hundred percent fits perfectly good. Deebo samuel absolute stud yesterday outside of his fumble a hell of a day. Deebo nine receptions on twelve targets one hundred eighty nine yards and a touchdown had he not fumbled. He likely is the. I mean. he's probably still a player of the game. But he's definitely getting some player of the game recognition if that was if he didn't fumble that last reception he made dwell heard all the chatter. He's a extension of the run game. He's a glorified running back. No this is what we talked about. What i've been harping on with would him. He's more than that. He's going to be able to get down. The field deebo samuel. His average separation was three point. Nine eight according to next gen stats. The average for the league is two point. Eight seven yards. He literally had a yard more than the average and yes lobby was skimmed open. But a lot of is his route. Running into the ability to scrimmage and be guys to is point where he needs to get to in the routing touring and if you go look next gen stats with some of these charts. Divas route was absolutely beautiful So he's more than just this jets. We push past type of receiver. He's going to be able to get downfield run. Those jeff routes run those deep posts. Give jimmy garoppolo really good target to throw to I thought he had a hell of a game. He was really good in the run blocking and even blocking for george kit on on for his reception. So deebo gives you everything. I would've liked seila more. We'll get to that later. Deibel had himself a hell of a game. What i like about this. This game is seen him downfield seeing him in the third tier of a defense trying to break those tackles compared to having to get past the first here to the second tier then in the third tier. It's just a lot more work for the man. And that's what i enjoy with. Deebo samuel. it's you weren't just like kidding yourself when you watched yesterday's game while you listen to this game will be two days ago on sunday to where you felt like depot was getting targeted downfield a.

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