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Her plea to guilty for her role in the rodent family murders back in 2016, his brother Jake earlier this year, also switching his pleaded guilty. Both have agreed to testify against George the fourth and George Billy Wagner. The third, who's not guilty pleas remain unchanged. George the fourth to back in court, October, 25th. More than 5500 of Covid 19 cases were reported today by the Ohio Department of Health. That was just below the moving three week average. But Monday numbers tend to be on the lower side. The 232 new hospitalizations still above the 21 Day average, with the 19 new ICU admissions right at the average more than 3400 Ohioans are currently hospitalized with the virus. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear this afternoon announcing more than 2400, you covid cases and 29 new deaths. Saturday and Sunday. Combines are close to 7600 new cases and 39 new deaths. The Reds after dropping two or three against the Cardinals in ST Louis over the weekend, still wanna tie with the Padres, where the second National League wild card spotter entering today. But the Cardinals are now within a game of both the Reds in San Diego. After enough night tonight. The Reds begin a three game series in Pittsburgh against the Pirates Tuesday night. First pitch is at 6 35 coverage on the Big One is set to begin at 5 35 with the inside pitch. Checking the final numbers on Wall Street. Today, the Dow finishing up 262 points, NASDAQ Down 10 S and P Up 10 Artists Update is at seven o'clock. I'm Sean Gallagher. NewsRadio 700 wlw becomes alive in the first garlic isn't bigger than waiting Network at 700 WLW Alliance McAllister He's Dave lap. And Lance. It's time for make the right call presented by the law offices of Blake. May Zlin, Okay, The Bengals were in a two minute drill. Right conclusion of half. They got the ball with a minute and 47 seconds. They start matriculating the ball down the field. So it's 1st and 10 with 42 seconds remaining in the half. They had burned a minute and five seconds off the clock in matriculating the ball borough. On 1st and 10. Sees that Minnesota is loading the box and they're going to go the heavy blitz and he sees his friend Chase lined up one on one with Breeland on the on the perimeter, and he goes 50 yard touchdown pass over Brylin for 14 7 halftime lead. The score obviously was tied before that play massive play because they score right before that. And they get the ball to start the third quarter and they scored again to make it 21 7 huge swing of momentum at that time, perfect segue because we're going to hear from the trio, and this was in the locker room after the game with you, and to me, just the sound of joy in the exuberance and the camaraderie of these three together, we're going to pick it up with Dave talking with Joe Mixon and Jamaar Chase and Joe Burrow. Big players make big plays. All three did yesterday. And here's how they sounded together in the locker room, Jubilant locker room and we got some key.

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