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I'm not in on Yukon. I am not in on San sexy, Randy edsall's know Yukon, we even play think we've played sexier than it's a while. Maybe on Wednesday, we'll do it. Can I give you a couple right now? I mean. Yeah, it's a free show every country free show. All right. Before we get on with Jeff shorts here, hold on, here's here's our own. Yeah, we're not editing any of this stuff out now because we're enjoying ourselves with the QA and we're ready running close to our, we'll put out your Oregon chat with Jeff is like a separate thing together. Okay. So we don't have to try and bolt those two together. We'll we'll just we'll make that a whole separate thing and will close out strong here with Cuna. Yeah. Okay. Are the following people sexier than Randy Edsall. This comes to us as a game that I don't know. We started for no good reason a long time ago. Definitely. Good reason. This is all science tie. You just tell me if objectively these coaches are sexier than Randy Edsall and by all means you can have every advantage and pull a picture of Randy at. So right now yet to just get a sense for him, his topography yet if his, if you're listening at home or at the office, just pull up, go to Google image. Search up the biggest you can filter by large images, get the biggest highest resumes. You can't have Randy Edsel and if you're driving in a car, we can't. We wouldn't advise you to do this while you're driving the car. But maybe if you wanna pull over somewhere and just pull it up on your phone just so that you can play along play the home game with us here. All right. Let's start here with Charlie strong. Well, that's a good. I say, hundred percent, I think so. Charlie strong looks like you could still play. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. This one's got tough one Dabo Sweeney. No, I don't think that's. I don't think that's right. Yeah, I, I've got a. I've got a split screen thing going on right here right now. No, I it's it's no contest. It's Dabbagh or excuse me, it's it's not Devo. It's Randy Edsel okay. Paul Chryst now Paul Chryst wow, emphatic outta here ready Edsel. Scott frost. Sarandia SEL frost is it's it's Randy Etzel, Chris Peterson radio. Wow, Trinite SEL he seems like Chris Peterson seems like a pretty good shape. I'm learning all sorts of things about you. Justin Wilcox. I'm not even sure what Justin Wilcox. Like really? Yeah. Okay. Pull up a picture of Justin Wilcox. Okay. Yeah, I know he me now. I probably okay. He says, let's be honest. I, I gotta go Justin Wilcox here. Yeah, I think I agree with you. We'll must champ. Randy Etzel. I think Randy edsels the answer. Yeah. Final Gus. Malzahn Randy Edsel. Yeah, the sweater vest thing is not working out. There's a reason that we call this game sexier than Edsel. It's not easy to be sexier than Randy Etzel. This is what I'm learning now who knew tie. This is why we put high bar. Randy Edsall played a win the game here. Okay. Good to know. Well, we'll finish with something that has. I mean that didn't have anything with college football, but somebody wanted to know, here's our final question. Where did it go? This was Chiba doc, Sheva DOJ. Actually, there's a good. We'll do college and non college in this Georgia Tech decides to move from Paul Johnson move on move forward from Paul Johnson this season. Who do you think are prime candidates? Georgia Tech shop a very good job. I would say at least potentially. Yeah, I think so. Okay. So it's academe IX come into it with Georgia Tech, right being the number two in your state is it's tricky, but a state that's filled with talent and in a region that's filled with talent in an conference where you can. Win a good chunk of games. Right Zyban city, right. Man, I Wayne lane train. I don't think it's probably going to happen with lane train. That's a pretty big jump. Yeah, I is almost. It's not the option for me..

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