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There's been a lot of talk this pressing style playing out from the back style possession based style. Do they have the guys to do it? Jeff asked bear halter about that. You know, I think we need to be calm. I think we need to look at the game. Look what we need to improve. And, and then sit out to do it. You know. It's really tough. You know, after result like this to come in and start making excuses. I don't I don't really want to do that. But what I'd say is we're still getting guys where they need to be, and we're not there yet, and that's pretty clear. So we're gonna keep working on. Can I can I addressed a straight off the bat? Okay. So two things have been bugging me, first of all, we watched England versus the Netherlands, and we saw Kyle Walker pick up the ball in the fullback position an attempt to play the bowl intimate field on the edge of his box. Rocks back the mid figure who come short, right? He's played hospital pass because he can see the defender behind him. He's got the whole field to see and he plays a ball into. Backley. Mbacke dispossessed by the onrushing Dutch. Midfield. The ball ends up in the back of the net. That's not a failure of playing from the back that's a failure of decision making okay playing out from the back has become this trademark this Zalm ba- phrase repeated online and on Twitter over and over. But US soccer fans to stick to be bare hall to with. I'm not saying that this team either has the person or is capable to do that every time. But when Steph and made the mistake he made he had men left on right? He should have opened his body and ping dot to the left hand side, Tim ream who it's gone square ream was not under the same press as it was at the end. It was a terrible owed. Anyway. That was a failure of technique and decision making not a failure of system on. It's also it's not Moses coming down with the ten commandments. You must play out from the back playing from the back is a response. It's a way of playing but it's a responsibility on the professional players on the field to know when it's on. A no one. It's not on Jimmy Carr said the exact same thing after being the Netherlands. So when bear halter talks about playing from the back on, you guys aren't on the same page. I agree with them. I do agree with. But I actually think we're missing something, we're missing was a two pronged, template that he came out with when he took this job? It was a Lexus last that asked him. I think we've got the audio hair he was he told us the way wanted to play just have a listen to this. And then a talk about it off. This is from his introductory, press is very first thing, Alexi Lalas, presses them on how we're gonna play. Yeah. So the idea is that were an attacking based team, then wants to create goalscoring opportunities by this organizing the opponent. You know, it will do that in a number of different ways. What I'd say is, you know, consistently over my time in Columbus. We've done it through build up right where we start the ball. The goal in the back. The teams try to press us we play through them to cry. Goal opportunities where making the field. Big another way to do that is to, to us pressure. Whether we start in amid block or moving to high pressure to force turnovers when the ball and immediately, Craig to the idea is, it's a fluid style that is the players are intent on breaking lines playing through the opponent and creating goal scoring opportunities. Sounds pretty good. Right. The second part was the pack that, that I was licking, my lips. That was the pressure. I don't think we are at this point in the development of US soccer players in a position where we can play from the back regularly play between the lines doodles,.

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