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Welcome back into the show. You're listening to the dan. Patrick show dan and the crew are off. Today it's up on game fellas up in haired filling in doing our thing. Summertime is coming to an end. people have started back in school is all kinds of different things going on. But we're here today. We're talking sports. Just a few guys is chopping it up. Dan is getting a little bit arrest so our before we went to break we we talked about. Ob jay is. He still owe bj or is he now. Just odell beckham junior. That's a receiver in the league. I wanted to pose this question to to you guys especially as elite receivers with great airs And in great great Hands and if you missed that make sure you go check out. The podcast would be on the dan. Patrick show and if you miss anything that we talk about you could go to up owing game. Podcast as well anywhere. Where you download your podcasts. Make sure you check us out but guys you know. Jay has had a rough tumultuous last few years in the league especially dealing with injuries We all know that he burst onto the scene. With the one hand catches totally changed the culture of catching. Footballs at this point. I hear everyone say every single day out of football practice. Use both hands That that's that's a product of the ob j. affect This this young man became more than a football player. He became of a rockstar. That play football transcendent talent transcendent influence but has not been an elite guy for quite some time now baker mayfield. He seems to have come Leaps and bounds further as as a quarterback more confident in his his play more confident in himself Midseason towards the end of the season. This past year. They had their best run in quite some time. Lbj comes back. Can he fit in and become an elite receiver again at this point in his career absolutely. He's been nicked up when you look at his career number one when you start and you get drafted by the new york football giants. You're automatically on a platform but he did work on that platform dude as a rookie at ninety one catches ninety one catches. That's not easy to do. Twelve touchdowns excel okay. I'm gonna follow it with ninety six catches thirteen touchdowns all follow that up with one hundred one catches in touchdowns and then the following year. He gets hurt in so he's only had two years without a thousand yards to two years. In both of those seasons one was last year in two thousand seventeen was when he was with the giants when he got hurt. So when he's healthy he's going to give you a thousand yards. The differences is to catch his touchdowns. Aren't there but he was when he was with the giants team. They weren't winning as many games. The cleveland browns now are winning games. Can he get back to ninety catches fourteen hundred yards..

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