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Was expected to tell the world and to tell his voters, his constituency, the people that voted for him what his next move was going to be. He was likely to tell them, Bob wins that he was going to dispute the election results and take it to court because he says that he has evidence to show that this election was stolen. Those allegations, of course, being denied by electoral commission, even earlier on in the day, the incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa while calling for calm. At this stage, it does not seem to be the case with riot police interrupting what was supposed to be a news conference by the opposition movement for democratic change. I think it's fair to say, looking at the pictures that riot police are trying to put a stop to this news conference. We are again, looking at the police riot shields. You can see a number of Batman's up in the people still have cameras up this still trying to capture the situation, but obviously those who wanted to give the press conference on nothing control anymore. I suppose one option Numsa after this narrow victory would have been to say to the MDC, join us in government, but there's been new hint that as far as I can tell, how about you? Well, it was a very slender win by the governing Zanu PF party candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa who won this vote by just over fifty percent of the the votes. We are expecting that he will speak to the nation in light of the. Tense situation that is currently unfolding, particularly here in the capital Harare with that press conference, being interrupted like that riot, police still all over that place, stuffing what was supposed to be a press conference by your position movement for democratic change Nelson Chamisa. The leader of the MDC was expected to tell the country what he was going to do, what he's next move would have been. And now what we are expecting to see is how the world will react to what is currently unfolding here in Zimbabwe. Gnome cert- Maseko in Zimbabwe. And the latest we're hearing is the news conference still hasn't gone ahead of the news now as many as twenty people to feared dead in a suicide attack on a mosque in eastern Afghanistan. Several attackers blew themselves up inside the mosque in Gardez the capital of Paktiya province Jimmy, giving reports. Initial reports suggest suicide bombers entered the crowded mosque during Friday prayers. They first opened fire on worshipers. Then detonated their explosives more than sixty. People were rushed to local hospitals and it's feared the number of dead may continue to rise. The mosque was used by members of Afghantistan Shia minority. They've been targeted many times in the past by the Islamic state group, which is under growing pressure from US air strikes and Afghan ground offensives and also in many areas fighting the Taliban, Jill mcgivering. The World Health Organization says the current outbreak of a Boola in eastern Congo began with the death of a sixty five year old woman in Mangueira hospital about thirty kilometers from the city of Benny. The u. n. health agency says, there are also several cases in neighboring it to re province. The outbreak came just days after another outbreak that killed thirty three people in north western DRC and that since been declared over James Koppel's book to Dr Peter Salah. Emma, the WHO's deputy director general for emergency preparedness and response. It is indeed really bad news, very unfortunate for such a poor country, a fragile state of the Democratic Republic of Congo to be hit by another outbreak. So quickly after the last one was declared over is is very serious. In fact, in some ways, it may be an even more complex outbreak to deal with than the last one simply because north kiva who was really the site of very active conflict. There are more than a hundred groups in that part of the province, and and it's going to be extremely complex exercise to access the civilian population in order to find the cases and find the context and stop the outbreak. In addition to that north who neighbors on Uganda. So we have a real risk to neighboring countries as well. She's still not points about the groups. I mean, when we talk about Benny on this program throughout the BBC is very often because of attacks by militia groups, and so on. How do you. The Congolese authorities work. Are you in contact? Will you be in contact with, for example, a rebel group to say, look, we need to get into your area..

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