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Them still sneer Britain Boulevard chucking from newsradio seven hundred WLW hi July first warning weather forecast we have overcast guys call these guys for number of days ahead with a chance of rain and snow late today the highs forty a chance of that mix again tonight thirty five and tomorrow forty four and again tomorrow night looking ahead let's see we could see some snow flakes on Saturday which would be Brady and the temp wise right now it's freezing it's thirty to at seven hundred WLW seven hundred W. L. W. sports in college basketball last night Jagger wins on the road over to Paul sixty seven to fifty nine he key Tandy leading exit with a fourteen point Tyree Jones added a double double tall points and eighteen rebounds muskies get their second straight road win coach Travis steel I thought we set the tone the right way you know on the glass defensively we were really really good I think we had nine kills on the night I thought our half court defense was suffocating kept it really really tight exes now fifteen at eight and four and six in the big east neck Richards scored a career high twenty seven points twenty five of those coming in the second half he grabbed eleven rebounds number fifteen Kentucky tops Mississippi state eighty to seventy two how about Richard's effort coach cal he is a premier player one of the best players in the country just not done it yet but tonight was that first step now build on elsewhere last night western Michigan gun by Miami sixty four to sixty Ohio state wins in Michigan sixty one to fifty eight college football Michigan state coach mark Dantonio retiring after thirteen seasons winning as coach in M. S. U. history with one hundred and fourteen victories Dantonio coach the UC bear cats or two thousand four to two thousand six reports are current UC coach Luke Fickell as the front runner to replace him Arizona state is named former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis as co defensive coordinator along with a former New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce with the sun devils read that they get the latest on the red hat baseball the night hot stove league live from the holy grail banks starting at six oh five right here on seven hundred WLW Dodgers in a red Sox agreeing on a blockbuster trade last night the deal would set a star outfielder Mookie Betts as starter David price in cash to the Dodgers starter can't about hate it goes from LA to Minnesota Boston gets outfielder Alex Verdugo de from LA and a minor league pitcher goes to the twins hockey last night ECHL actions in the fuel got by the cyclone three to two NHL Columbus got by Florida in overtime one nothing see this year's hot as new cars and trucks of the twenty twenty Cincinnati auto expo starting tonight through Sunday at the Duke energy convention center you have a chance to win a Ferrari.

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