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The eighteen Rudy unfortunately your prediction long foreseen alistair room. Becoming the champion has been cut short Alexander volkov went in there and just a giant human being right you compared to a non. trt overeating. That's forty one years old now but super impressive stuff right. I mean shit. Nah really really not impressed. Beat up an old man. Bro for kim boxy no. He's not an old man. I'm over his own. Do come on you making his local off the ball. Kaufman fucking bitch. You ruined my fucking the only fight that i was really looking forward to considering all the shitty fights all in a man will. Maybe you'll removal can pull it off but note nine man it was at the first Searched the first round. He got really hurt. And honestly. I don't mean erupted but honestly looking at their picture. I should have known i mean. Look it volkov's nipples There's so much nicer should have been a dead giveaway anyway. We're saying shattering remember. Oh but i like at the end of the first room when he got hurt. That's when i saw like that's it boots once over and gets hurt. It's it's overman. He just likes to cover up. And that's where volkov he just took advantage and started wailing on a man in he got knocked out. Oh yeah mar- marquesa. I'm looking at the comments. He he yeah. What about the fart was that you heard that too right and was fired. It was a far-right who started it was during the chick fight though right every. Dc the dc. We're talking you can just hear. And then he continues talking. After a long pause dude we need to do an article about d. c. farting and spreading covid through his. Ask germs. fuck daniel cornelis. Also what's the name alexander volkov back tattoo mighty mouse. johnson is smaller than that tattooed. Five ninety miles johnson's on the back of roll call. Yeah i haven't seen it doesn't look like Brock listeners than the conor mcgregor's put together notion states are right rock mcgregor. Connor lesnie volkov. Next move. I mean he's probably gonna be on the shelf for some time unless he takes like alternate route like a backup for. What is rosen. Stroke by. It's coming up right. Abby help fight with him and roses would about louis ablaze next week while if he can't stop take down that's where he lost are you don't blame me. No he's gonna do. Eric lewis beep volkov in the end of five around buck in boring fight three rounds or is it. Three three reviver volkov had his number that night until the very end there you know banking cooled it out his ass awesome. So i know we're gonna talk about this more in depth next week but the on the topic does confide rosen struck after that. This fight six possibly in Blades is probably gonna fight. No that that fights official. I think god they fucking finally got in god knew the rematch for the fell which beijing beat his ass again but but think both carbon roses starts a fight. I think grows drug fight now. Shiro gone right in an alternate. You know if you happen to be some people's that may be ready to go Yeah i think that's only by formless. It's like a. I don't know if they can offer him a couple of guys but i really just want to see invite by top dude. Tv deserves a domino. Raymond time anybody who beats overeating. If i'm for the bell or their number one hundred. So i think he's number one contender. He's right there. I agree with the roses struck assessment because I mean the other two guys that he could fight or blades in Who blades. And lewis and those guys. They've already fought him and he lost to him. But i wouldn't mind seeing him get that Get that w. and set it out l. And beat one of these guys again but i i'd much rather see him not fight someone who's fought before Inroads instruct seems like the guy to get. And there's one guy that kinda would think like anybody watching this short followed the career junior Ninety five oka- they haven't we don't wanna see vocabulary I do our matchup distant case he to stay active bill. Twenty twenty two until steve bay. In the engage south scorpio. Sturman for companies to be ferretted. Grover is light-heavyweight isn't he. Yeah he's the he's been named as an alternate for the a block of witch sign. Fight reading about that. So he's actually. I mean they forgot about lover but then again you might see by block quiz on the dow. Be a fucking banger bro. I don't know either way. Did that assign or or or globerman that those would be awesome fights but i i was thinking a global versus a volkov that that'd be awesome. Man that you took on gustafson man gustafson looks like the size of volkov in the record of title fight. Stay intact free though. So i mean we've seen how many five dropping out day after day leading up to cards uphill have been remaining intact with. I guess that you have to keep an alternate. I think he bubble has alternate for a guy who and st bay gotta do that. You know what i mean. If he doesn't get five before that can become forget. Jone jones coming in headway man. Fuck dan we can forget it. So who knows what they might the wants to do after the You know a you know what. Also don't forget. Jake paul jake exactly hallway. And if you do forget him don't forget. His brother logan loading aung. There were three now in boxing. Stars for you wanna make money. Talk me whether the luggage brothers together. jones mighty mouse and degrade saint-pierre combined right. Jesus rules these guys. Yeah i would. Love to see is a jake paul. Fight miracle coke up and then just coke decapitated head kick me.

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