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Over thirty percent of the beja leave latin american mmhmm and if you can't speak their language it's got to be horror you've got maybe five or eight or ten latin american players and you can identify them through their language so i think they'll look you've got analytics you've got they want they want to skew younger uh and killed at that demographic or to all who have to go under aired that you know in a big game it it's going to come out there's some guy just go up all big old feel coq all uh you know the weather their day that that's the bottom all player and if you're not on board with that it's tough to manage on the fraud office and the agents and everybody involved 1990 will see he's champion also holds the rob doable show ninety seven nine espn radio in connecticut joining freddie calment on espn radio i want to go back to what you said about how baseball has changed not so much with the entitlement factor were you mentioned the diversity factor the clubhouse factor how much of that could factor maybe not so much of the new york yankees either they have a road to a young team but how much could we see general managers have that kind of power to make sure if i'm going to have a diversify clubhouse i have the more than ever had the think about having a manager that may be more diversified in this thinking i i have no problem with that i mean i i talked to eric daves today what blows my mind is calling or the most diverse player that i ever played with and he's a whole favorite barry larkin bilingual brilliant uh hall of fame player is now office or the name for of editor and i don't get it because there was nobody more personable uh nobody book politically correct all the time uh could handle old guy shown guy and they're 'between black wait for it all over he must convince everybody so i i just think that you know salt or office guys alking or maybe you're guided by all other other uh front office people are looking for someone that that it accept all the.

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