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Emergency. The threat of hundreds of people roaming, the streets looking to satisfy basic human needs in community not having the resources to do. So and the reaction of this is looking to protect the properties away of life. There. Douglas, Nicholls says shelters are beyond capacity. He's asking for federal help similar to what FEMA provides following a natural disaster, Jack Callaghan. Fox News, south bend. Mayor. Pete Buddha JR. Is now in talks to hold the town hall on Fox News. According to reports yesterday that news coming after fellow twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate. Bernie Sanders drew two point five five million viewers as we said in his Fox News townhall on Monday. That was the highest rated of cable news' townhall so far this year. However, the Daily Beast reports that Buddha JR. Had been in talks for FOX and the news for over a month. Nano he was trying to beat Bernie Sanders to the punch of what there's been some controversy among Democrats over whether or not. Presidential candidates should do town halls on Fox News, particularly since the Democratic National Committee. If you remember said that it's not going to allow FOX to host any of the parties twenty twenty debate. Which is a real stupid thing to do by the way, just dumb in refusing to follow debates on FOX the to an revision to allow those. They DNC chair at the time Tom Perez. He cited what he called FOX's inappropriate relationship with President Trump saying that it wouldn't be able to host a quote fair in neutral debate. But he said, it's okay for Democrats to appear on FOX, including forums, like the town hall that Sanders did saying that it's quote, a far cry from hosting debates. But is it? No, not really not really. I mean, they were to FOX correspondent sitting right next to Bernie Sanders, coordinating, the, you know, the audience questions, and what have you questions they were laying on him. You know, I still think that the Bernie Sanders townhall on Fox News got that used to tune in. Because I think people expected it completely destroyed seven fifty NewsRadio nine twenty one four seven fan back to the traffic.

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