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The the different running back so derek henry had a huge game in the titans win over the chiefs in the wild card round and he was one of the toughest running back to bring down all season averaged a third most yards after contact per rush during the regular season who was second legarrette blunt not surprising who was first in that category patriots running back and dion louisville five eight one hundred ninety five pounds 7 inches shorter fifty pounds lighter than henry but equally as hard to bring down during the regular season sunday our first gave evan is jacksonville at pittsburgh how much of a chance this history tell us that jacksonville has to win in pittsburgh one of my favorite notes of the weekend that since ben roethlisberger was drafted by the steelers in two thousand four they have a losingrecord at home against two teams including the playoffs the patriots and the jaguar pretty unbelievable jacksonville's foreign one in pittsburgh in that time period that includes wins earlier this season were ben roethlisberger threw five interceptions and in the franchises only playoff meetings between the two teams i was back in two thousand seven and our final divisional playoff matchup will be sunday four forty eastern new orleans at minnesota it is not the first time that these two teams have met this season what stands out about what's different now evan sometimes it rematch as can be a little deceiving these teams met in week won the vikings 129 nineteen on monday night football but sunday's game be exactly 125 days since that game but a lot has changed sam bradford started instead of case came a quarterback in that game adrian peterson tied for the saints leading rushing and alan cooke rush for gamehigh 127 yards he was of course loss of the season because of an injury and this will also be the first playoff meeting between these teams since two thousand nine nfc championship which happened to be brett farce final postseason game this is the game i'm most looking forward at this weekend great defense great often i think everyone is and hopefully this game will be as good is that two thousand and nine nfc championship game evan thanks for taking some time thanks repairing some perspective we.

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