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Country and the world. And it poses an existential threat. It will be a focus of President elect Biden in this entire administration. The hearing on Yellen's nomination was one of five confirmation hearings the Senate scheduled for the eve of the inauguration. Capital watches. Consider Yellen's confirmation process likely to move forward rather easily. Ah, full Senate vote on her nomination could come as soon as Thursday reporting for Pacifica Radio News KPFK I'm Christopher Martinez and his confirmation hearing President elect Joe Biden's nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Called the pro trump mob attack on the U. S. Capitol. Horrifying Alejandro May or Kiss said authorities still have much to learn about what happened that day and what led to the insurrection. If I should have the honor of being confirmed, I will do everything I can To ensure that the tragic loss of life the assault on law enforcement the desecration of the building that stands as one of the three pillars of our democracy. A terror that you felt your colleagues, staff and everyone present will not happen again. If confirmed, the former federal prosecutor and senior homeland security official under President Barack Obama would be the first Latino and first immigrant to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Senate committees also held hearings today on national intelligence director nominee April Haynes, Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken and Defense secretary nominee Lloyd Austin. Senate remains under Republican control until three new Democratic senators are sworn into office. They are California's Alex Padilla is replacing Vice President elect Camel Harris and two Democrats from Georgia. Raphael Warnock and John US off Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and incoming Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer have been negotiating how to share power in the evenly divided Senate, According to media reports. Senate committees will have an equal number of Democrats and Republicans, although the committee chairs will be Democrats and Legislation will advance to the Senate floor, even on a tie vote in committee. You're listening to the evening news on KPFK in Berkeley, Kpfk Los Angeles. KFC it Fresno Online K P F a dot or This is an hour long newscast. There's each night at six. There's half hour edition on the weekends, all our newscast. Are archived online at kpfk dot org's They're also available as podcasts. I'm mark Miracle. A federal appeals court has thrown out a rule that was one of the Trump administration's most momentous climate rollbacks. U S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia says the administration acted illegally under the Clean Air Act in easing federal regulation of pollution. From power plants. The rulings expected to give the incoming Biden administration a freer hand to regulate emissions from power plants, one of the major sources of climate damaging fossil fuel emissions. The decision came in a court challenge by environmental groups. Some state governments And others, The U. S. Supreme Court today took up a climate case that could affect the ability of cities and the Bay Area to sue oil companies for damages. Baltimore is seeking damages for the effects of climate change. Today's case was about Jurisdiction Baltimore once the lawsuit to be heard in state court, the oil companies prefer federal court where they feel they have a better chance of prevailing. The decision could determine the fate of similar lawsuits filed around the country, including by the cities of Oakland and San Francisco. San Francisco's city attorney, Dennis Herrera, said in a similar case last year that the city had brought its lawsuit in state court because that's where it belongs. Herrera said at the time that San Francisco and Oakland taxpayers are already incurring the costs of dealing with the damage that fossil fuel companies knowingly caused. It is time for these companies to pay their fair share, he said. They should not be able to stick taxpayers with the bill for the damage they knew they were causing, said San Francisco's city attorney. President elect Biden is considering canceling the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline project as early as tomorrow day, one of his term, which could be good news for Native American communities. The Nebraska Living near crowded worker camps during the covert pandemic. Eric Gladys reports. Wesley for along with the Native American Rights Fund, says Indian country is at greater risk of illness and death from covert 19 due to a systemic lack of access to quality health care, which has led to higher incidences of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Because there's been a surge generational black of adequate healthcare in Indian country, you have very vulnerable populations who have preexisting conditions you have The cold mobility's that make the virus especially deadly, if you catch it, he says. The Rosebud Sioux tribe on Nebraska's northern border has less than five respirators for its 15,000 residents and zero respiratory therapists. Petroleum Equipment and Services Association, told High Country News. It was initially concerned about testing, quarantining and other covert related safety measures for workers. But the group is now confident that most operators have gotten the hang of things for long, his skeptical, pointing to a lawsuit involving Trans Canada now called TC Energy, while the company had announced safety measures, including mask wearing and social distancing. When construction started, Furlong says those protocols went out the window. People were grouped together and not wearing masks. I think of industry was really doing what it could to keep their employees and the people of the communities that they're operating in safe. It wouldn't be bringing in hundreds or thousands of people to live in very close quarters. It's the exact opposite of what should be happening during a pandemic. TC Energy spokesperson responded by email saying that the safety of its crews and the public are core company values for long notes. One challenge protecting tribes from outbreaks. A transient work camps is that official covert case counts are recorded in a worker's home state, Not in the county where they're working. This is Eric Gladys reporting for the Nebraska News connection..

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