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Treason as I'm Maria Bartiromo said the other day look trump supporters believe trump was framed yeah that's where the doctor connecting to write with a front frame that says when the big question all long since we can identify still the crime today of Russia collusion where did this all come from yes they asked the question or make the statement did somebody frame him is a logical point for anybody to go to especially with the trump tower meeting in the way that thing called out yes I mean that's just one indication I don't think that's the beginning of of the whole framing thing I think that's one art of it that looks like a frame specially if you look at the way the trunk junior and and he you know he showed everybody that the chained emails and the set up there that looked like a set up make it look like something that it's not and I I think that's I think it's logical because they know if you were trying to set up Donald Trump you know if you've got big enough players he's going to listen is he ever not answered a question of he's in front of the media we talked about it almost to a fault really actually it'll fall it is the same and does he know so they know that he's very reactive you put something in front of him okay it wasn't great Hillis if you know that about him I could see again we're not saying it happened but it's definitely something all worth investing the listening and then the thought behind any reaction that he has verbal not behavior right is then views as the crime exactly still today the only thing they have against them his words eight six six ninety right I fall and winter means in some cases an increase in their populations the lower elevations as a search for food and habitat Terry Mesmer of Utah State University extension says this increases the chance of conflict between deer in humans such as a collision between a deer and motor vehicle especially in urban areas many of our urban areas and large metropolitan cities actually call to football ideal deer habitat and during spring mating time their population in these urban habitat can potentially double by the fall and winter and so you have more mouths to feed in more deer that I've come into contact with the urban environment though the circumstances together of concert work to create kind of the perfect storm where they put deer and human on a collision course that could translate into increased damages can also kind of played into the creek your vehicle collision as well as an increased chance of disease transmission as there can Kerry takes that could infect humans with Lyme disease or other illness our broad been reporting for the US department of agriculture in Washington DC the USDA report is brought to you by centex Roadmaster excel premium highway diesel fuel one.

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