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Through cincinnati. And we all happy raft of that skyline. The cat. Marilyn manson. Tonight, we ran and Jessica wide. Got back in. Georgia, and he was looking for a so the steel he was in a Bank way behind with it to make a deal, but it came across this young man, so on the fiddle planet, hot the devil acres films. But I'm a fiddle player to if you'd care to take a dare I'll make a bit with you. Now, you play pretty good fiddle to give the devils. Do Philip gold against your soul better. Johnny, and it might be a San, but I'll take your bet you're gonna regret the April, John heroes. Bit of hail. Georgia. View in you Bill. The devil gets your soul. Case and he set out start this show fire his fingertips irrelevant of his boat. Then he pulled a bowl of cross the springs have made a evil. A team was Joel ended it sounded like. Really is. All right. I'm in a better mood..

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