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A probe visiting a tiny icy rock out past Pluto. Queen guitarist Brian May inspired by the mission. This mission to me represents more than the mission itself had actually represents to me the spirit of adventure. Discovery inquiry which is inherent in the human spirit. You're listening to ABC news. KOA NewsRadio time is six oh to this snowfall has stopped leaving behind one to three inches across most of the metro area. Chad Gimmestad with the national weather service says because it's so cold. There was not a lot of moisture in this snowfall only about three hundred seven inch DIA, but it is a different story in the southwestern part of the state of Colorado, which has been in big drought has gotten a quite a bit of snow, and it's still snowing this morning down in places like wrangling alamosa. So it's giving them some relief down there. Give me the stats says, even though we did not get a lot of moisture out of this most recent storm, our snow pack is looking pretty good for this season right now southbound Rubasinghe where a lot of a lot of the water for Denver northeastern. Colorado comes from is it one hundred twelve percent of normal. So we're a little bit ahead of where we usually are. He's his looking back at the past year. It was a dry while we measure the water content of both the rain and the snow that falls during the year for Denver for the. A year two thousand eighteen we had eight point five three inches of water and a normal years fourteen point three so we were well below normal a little more than half of what we usually get for the year in Denver given stand says he does not see another store moving into the metro area for a while. He says we will start warming up tomorrow. And by the end of the week there may be temperatures near fifty. Today's.

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