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Started there in mice and then my sister. Vivian to So it became a family affair thing and so you can imagine at the dinner table. It's like what happened in your department and what happened in your division busy gossip. It became very very Disney mentioned. Her let's talk about civilian and went into the archives. Right she did yes. She started imagineering and then she went to animation and work that the air animation research library in And she had the opportunity to work with all the divisions of the company to help put books together videos together every research thing without the other part to a lot of those making of videos things that would be on the on the video and all that sure sure was very busy time for folks to know. They are l. The animation research. I houses all the artwork that we all did. Yeah and it's I mean. It's like a treasure trove of the newer stuff that we were done in the nineties and two thousands. But there's that goes back to the snow white exact archives and I. I recently took my students from You'RE GONNA be Jealous Tom. I recently got a special tour of fifteen in my students. Freshman class. Got A tour of the Air Rail Animation Research Library and they took us around for like an hour and a half and we saw Ivanhoe backgrounds from sleeping beauty. We Sell Paintings from Pinocchio and Snow White and concept drawings and Mary Blair paintings and all kinds of animation and be in the beast. Mackenzie by Ruben. Prokopiev twenty of them want him. What schools is at Lipscomb University? Zoos Pacific University go line. I program it's not look at him. I knew I knew animation research library when it was called the morgue eighty when I started if it was all underground hence calling the Damore Under the building and we used to go and check out scenes like a book. Yeah and have them in our rooms and everything of course now you got to leave with them and have him on your desk for like a week or two exactly. Well listen I started. When I was eighteen and to be able to do that it was going to school at your desk. I would check out scenes and just here are milk calls drawings or Freddie Moore's or whatever and you just put them on your animation disk and flip through now I get the walk cycle saying and now I get this tiny summation appeal and the big thing. The word appeal and I didn't understand what's appeal word with MPN and then you begin to learn. Oh it's the magic happens that when they put this all together. Yeah and so I did go to cal arts alumni like I wasn't there for very long and neither way to Brag a little. I had gotten a scholarship but I was very antsy and.

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