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Johnny Cash, Twitter, Soundgarden discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology


Didn't he do rested caged? He did rusty that if felt more of the rage that version as I recall the rage of that song with you know which came from soundgarden obviously and him becoming friends with absolutely in the the the soundgarden version. Where you hear the raw power and rusty cage where it's exploded that rages exploded versus Johnny Cash. Were IT FEELS. Like it's still brewing. And it's still stewing and it's still building and still growing and at some point it'll get the get to the surface and I feel like that was more of the mood that I heard or felt from Johnny cash and his version of that song. I'm looking at this whole thing that we're talking about with Rick Rubin in Sylvia Massy too by the way was involved in all these recordings in the different artists involved. Similar to or remindful of Roy orbison later in his life and career being appreciated more fully by the people he influenced if if that makes sense and when you look at the people involved you could see where there's influence paying forward is as Iraq attitude as much as the music and all that but that you see it in these recordings With the music that's ends up coming out on the records that he made and the people that were involved like Tom. Petty and the heartbreakers working with them on unchained. And those records are a delight to me as much as anything Columbia in the early days. So yeah is His folsom prison inside folsom prison aside. And you know what's Nice is that we are lucky that we can enjoy all phases and all aspects of Johnny cash's life through sound recordings through DVD's through video Through books as well. There are a lot of great books out about Johnny Cash. So IF YOU WANNA LEARN. You didn't learn much here except for that. We love Johnny cash and a lot of what he did now. He matters to us and there are so many good books that you can read about. Just go find one of your local bookstore. We always say buy local from your local bookstores and just go get it. Only and around is and again remember. He's important in the history of rock and roll his attitude his activism. His music his songwriting. For CHRIST SAKE. Two guys in four hall of fame. Now we know very common. No he might think he's the only one that's in four. Well that may be a research project for us. So we're for the rock and roll. Archaeologists Right We'll Sterian a little bit of a direction. The first book written about cash was In one thousand nine hundred seventy five. It was called men in black was an autobiography. And that's awesome copies. Sold some weight raise some paper and a second one called cash. The autobiography came out in Nineteen ninety-seven. There's a couple you can look into or look for online and then go get him because I think he's always going to be somebody that people want to learn more about and can continue to influence future generations not just in country but in rock music and all forms of music because of the figure that he was lucky in Phoenix. And Reese Witherspoon did Johnny and June justice in I walked the line they. They portrayed the chemistry. I don't know how accurate is because you know like we always talk about Hollywood and what they do to make things work for them. The energy the the you know the struggles that they had initially because he was a married man. And you were working together on the road and that wasn't happening and sometimes the energy between two people over comes the barriers life may throw in the way and that was definitely the case with John and June Carter cash absolutely his internal conflicts gave us some beautiful music and I would love to at some point. Maybe do another episode on his internal conflicts. And how it impacted his songwriting. Maybe we can teaming up with somebody else that he knew who also had internal conflicts at the same time and like Ray Charles. You know that era do so. Yeah Wow I think we just create a podcast episode. Make note somewhere not made. Well that's going to do it this time out Thanks for spending some time with us and the man in black Johnny cash always a pleasure. Marcus always great working with you had ray. It's always fun discussing rock and roll this is one where invariably? I think we're going to find. People know more about the man than we do so please reach out and tell us what we missed. Tell us what we got right. Tell us what we didn't get right. You can do that. A myriad of ways including imbalanced history at G. DOT com. If you want to drop an email we're also on facebook. The imbalanced history of rock and roll or twitter imbalanced. His stowe is our handle. And you can look you imbalance history of rock and roll up on twitter. We're also on a whole. We stopped promoting twitter. Because they won't give us the. Let's let's let's just drop it. It's fine you're on a lot of platforms. We found a place where you guys are listening And wherever you are make sure you put your hand up there. Give us a give us a like if you'd like to podcasts. If you're listening make sure you keep up on your episodes because that's important too. We're finding out all the things we're learning here as we do this podcast every week trying to make it fun. Try to make it interesting. And thanks again to our sponsors at crooked eye brewery right in the heart of Hafer We've really enjoyed having you along for the ride as well and your users so good just had old blue eyes and let me tell you as long as it lasts. It's sweet and makes me think we should do an episode about Sinatra sometime. We still need. We do need to do an episode about Sinatra. We also have to wrap this one up and that means let's shut it down till next time partner. I'm recoup Marcus in the darkest. We'll get your next time right here on the imbalance history of rock and roll.

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Johnny Cash, Twitter, Soundgarden discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

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