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Between high five and four and avenue close until four o'clock tomorrow morning as well due to panel replacement overall. It's a pretty light drive other than those construction projects. Curtis counting KOMO traffic. Overnight clouds thicken up across western Washington due to increasing untrue flow. Overnight temps down to the low to upper fifties across the Puget Sound lowlands. And we could even be waking up to a few neighborhoods, struggling with low lying clouds and fog clear between noon, giving you mostly sunny skies. Highs on Monday right, gene, in the low to mid seventies, enjoy the beautiful weather. I'm meteorologist, Coney become a weather center. It's our auto expert on KOMO news. Here's more with Nick miles. I welcome back to the show. We've teased you with some really cool stuff on the show. I I'm excited about this because recently got a trip to Bahrain to dry. The Lamborghini Huddah con on the F one track in Bahrain and from Lamborghini Allesandro has just finished being in an F one race. And he's joining us on the phone to talk about the lamb Aghini con Coupet and the spider. So first of all, Sandra, how was the the F one race? Around engine costs and that being blonde set. And then you can even have to say you be cheap the little bit. That's the way an exciting full school Pence by so don't be in Asia. So this is a Guinea continues, the amplifying, everyday life, everybody, when you brought out the Coupet, it was pretty unbelievable. The Yvo told me, one thing driving around the track in Bahrain, and that is that there are many people in this to drive better than I do. The car is a lot to handle. But coming out of those corners with that all wheel drive, the.

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