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Floors so I guess they're in the middle of like one of those lists putting out periods I love those lists yeah me too I like a good list I this one is the highest paid actors in the world so who do we think is there a Chinese actor we don't know I'm not one that we don't know so there's one we now Jackie Chan Jackie chan's number five you made fifty eight million Bucks mostly from Chinese box office in his endorsements they're of good for him yeah the whole world will think think I got a story I got a fast fact about the population of China and it's just mind blowing how would you hear it it's a you just go all my god the population has been insane forever no it's not this isn't a new thing right the billion people in China right anyway I'll tell you Dan is in the fastbacks right the highest paid out of the rock yes see that is the number one using the number one eighty nine million dollars for Dwayne the rock Johnson I'm so happy for him he is in a good place right now just merry that girlfriend his they got a couple kids together I just think he seems like he seems like a pretty highly Midland positive guy so you met him yeah I interviewed him and he I was like yeah area and he's like yeah really cool so it was just like a we're growing out together and it was just fun and he's just a nice person but you know other people would say otherwise but well Tyreese you know yeah his soul then gave our did they have to be out in the in the seventies yeah same yeah and one of my life and yeah and then he did his own movie like that spin off movie Hobbes in the south yeah well that's what their beef was hello what about the fast five family yeah he's like listen man I'm just doing the studio told me to do on you know whatever I don't know what he's doing I went to lunch and they threw me a new deal worth twenty million yeah I said yeah I wouldn't ground to yeah what they paid for yeah I yeah right Iron Man suit he's third place okay number Denny junior it's the second sixty six million Bucks Bradley Cooper you know last year back to Dwayne Johnson for second are the rock whatever or feeling referred one ID eighty nine million Bucks last year he actually made a hundred twenty four million Bucks but came in second to George Clooney last year do what he must do the latter get all the money and Nespresso yeah yeah yeah well that time yeah so he's and doors and stuff Landon right good overhand stuff yeah he just looks you don't put that placid look on his face and gives them crack a smile to carry he's got that white it's not that he loves them twins uhhuh said it never of kids that never marinero any look at that never all these never guys and they're doing it all in the area they're doing a at all anyway I was the last year he made god thirty plus million more than he did this year but he was second place this year he wins eighty nine million so yeah you got Robert Downey junior in third sixty six million Jackie Chan was fifth with fifty eight million remember this is worldwide these are just men it is only men I don't know if that's because they just this is just the men factory as opposed to actresses less but they like to be called actors as well the women yeah you know I guess if you looked at the full is I just have the top ten here so maybe if you look at the full list it'll have women on there at number ten is Will Smith Will Smith pulled in thirty five million Bucks last year well he did Latin yeah I mean now and probably has other things and where they call the mailbox money all your all your royalties for all your past mailbox money now refers to trust fund kids we just get the check in the mail well any kind of money that comes in the mailbox you know your mailbox money back I got to check the mail why would he help to get there some junk now for my money comes in big data Paul Rudd made forty one forty one million Bucks little palm guy just adorable you too and the **** that there and if you words she far hello well out I'm a **** okay allow Paul read forty one million Bucks give all right all right I think is just Darling like I just so charming others something so sweet about him he tapped into superhero money well ant man will do it for you right because he was doing just like romantic comedies and a bunch of comedies where he was just like the the washed up little brother was in France for a minute there was Phoebe's boyfriend yeah I think those so adorable yeah he's just that's the word forum Paul Rudd adorable here is an aunt I Chris Evans that's Captain America he made forty three million Bucks for eighth place I he thinks he'll go away I do I don't I don't need no what the appeal is on I don't know how he's going to examine Lloyd now this is not me my in America to figure out a way to make and then Jason Bourne or something though they do that they sort of like move people through other well hell need to do something like that right as I don't see him being a he is the almost vanilla dude I've ever seen I'm with you I don't I just don't you think he's good looking like I mean he's fine now he's handsome not right they they even did that joke on SNL with the the Chriss yeah all those Chriss you'd they're interchangeable find Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth I don't think is interchangeable with him he's amazing but he is a Chris there any other courses or just a friend yeah Chris Pratt I like Chris Pratt to Chris pine Chris Evans and care about them as Evans keeps busy when he's not saving the universe with rolls and knives out and the red sea diving report a he's returning to the small screen where he got his start with upcoming apple TV series defending Jake up all right over the book I wonder what he's doing enough check out no date of the cat I think I'll maybe the older check up maybe take a grown up I number six is the ties of six and seven a to tie between Adam Sandler and Bradley Cooper they both may bank last year fifty seven million Bucks apiece Adams monies mostly through that deal with Netflix and seventy percent of Bradley's money came from the stars by which he directed produced co wrote because started the lion's share money off of that movie Andy got lady Gaga the Jackie chan's number five with fifty eight million mostly from the Chinese box office and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is number four had you know there's gonna be a Bollywood guy yeah with its international sixty five million Bucks so third place is Robert Downey junior sixty six million number one is Dwayne the rock Johnson with eighty nine and I have mentioned number twos name but I it but have not as he came up in another conversation that we just had any final gases I know who it is George Clooney now it's Chris Hemsworth George Clooney not in the top ten this year I guess he didn't sell any new brands of liquor Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth for made seventy six million dollars last year so congratulations to him is solid money Liam Hemsworth not the top ten looks like with the same press presents with Jana in addition to all the superhero stuff superhero stuff outside the Marvel universe Hemsworth is starring in upcoming Netflix film that guy T. H. A. K. A. soccer and a whole login biopic he does representing Hugo boss in in some other brands that give them a lot when what that's about I was looking through the Netflix movies yesterday looking for a particular movie and yeah man this is Liz lot of kind of original stop with stars you recognize I don't know I went back to mind hunter yeah what and it's got me now does it yeah first up is that I fell right off I was like no thanks now it it's got me it's really good and I enjoy how they're good yeah the scenes they set up where they were because this is in the sixties mmhm I thank the scene they set up where they walk into like a police station in Atlanta in the sixties and it's a sixties building and it's six these cars and it's it is neat the way they really capture that drop I mean they must have to really be careful that real life doesn't some rainfall and now a corvette that goes by and then after that is seriously they've got you know this shot outside a building will show a street full of cars and all old like sixties cars big boats you now see I was wonder how they do that they just have a warehouse mas into a lot of Amer shells that they just drag out on to whatever the set street is in part on there and I don't know but I know they got like a Flintstone's set up in the ones that are driving down the road you know someone's just use their feet you know well something you know like they can't all be perfectly running cars a problem the studios probably have right big buildings filled with stuff for every time pieces right the other wise enough to go and collect all that stuff for each thing I'm sure they just per carat nice store it I think you movie storage warehouses are just they're like museums be fascinating let's see Daka is the capital city of Bangladesh and it looks like Chris Hemsworth is going to play a mercenary let's see of mercenaries hired to rescue the kidnapped son of a Bangladeshi businessman the hero yeah another hero yeah okay well you know try a bad guy just to mix it up well he did play a bad guy is really adding or something bad times at the something hotel the number dial that yeah yeah that that's a that was a good movie almost until he got in it then it was like no this is just dumb muscle had guy can't play drug addict did now yeah he was actually going to fast for like two months it was just too it took me right out of the movie to have him Quintana Hey pulled it off when he did that Dallas buyers yeah I don't know what you did to drop muscle but he's turned into like a wall full loser looking dude I mean he just it was really he got skis guys up you know what but I mean he actually lost body mass that you go he probably stopped doing anything including eating for a year right to get that gaunt and actors talk about all the time how they go through these body changes that are so unhealthy for their vital or not David was saying that he lost a bunch of weight for a role and has kidney problems because of it now I can't begin chance the Christian Vale member him in was the machinist the mechanic Smith the mechanic I don't know one of the yeah rob so much weight is a shot him where he's got his head bent on you to see every bump in his spine and he just looks like a whisper and then he bulks up you know yeah place that up and down thing yo yo is no good no good could you guys do each pick a weight and stick with it no matter what it is oz so it's hard to drop the kids off to college for the first time you know they're freaking out your super emotional about it harder when that college is on the other side of the world you.

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