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Journey toward racial integration. And hey kudos to her freshly admitted to the bar. Twenty four year old lawyer. He's a friend of ours from episode. Ninety-one future us president. Chester arthur. Okay so from minstrel shows to we now know jim. Crow actually has some rather northern routes a. Why haven't i been talking about the south. Well the system of slavery actually could require a great deal of interaction between enslave. Her and enslaved. This means that to some extent co define social practices in drawing. Stark legalize didn't actually make sense in the south until after the slavery ending thirteenth amendment now reconstruction held these floodgates back initially but by the eighteen eighties southern democrats those redeemers as they call themselves. Have the power. They soon begin to pass. Jim crow laws at the state level. One of these laws as we know from today's open is the louisiana separate car active eighteen ninety which requires railroads in the state to have separate cars for white and black passengers so then democrats are thrilled as evidenced by the time democrat newspaper reporting in favor of it quote. A young lady of the city had two or three days ago to travel from new orleans to austin texas. The only sleeping accommodation on board that was to be had was the lower birth in a section of which the upper birth had been secured by negras. The city and accommodation was as much crowded as that for sleeping and the young lady had to occupy seat in the section in which she passed the night with the same negras the instance which we have just narrated without comment goes to show that the date for the louisiana separate car act. Going into force will not arrive a day too soon. Close quote if i may provide one word of comment damn well civil rights loving americans do not see what the times democrats sees. Black-americans challenged louisiana separate car act as well as similar acts across new south. All the way up in michigan black clergymen and leaders rail against the separate car act at a civil rights league meeting held on november nineteenth. Eight thousand nine hundred one professor d. Augustus straker proclaims to his black and white audience. We are supposed to be enjoying the same rights that are claimed by the whites but that is not true. In fact in short he and the other speakers contend that segregation isn't only immoral. It's unconstitutional a violation of the fourteenth amendment's guarantee of equal protection of loss. Sounds like they'd get along with homer plassey. The man whom we met in the cold open as he defied the separate car act his homework plus he joins the ranks of a new generation of black leaders like ida b wells w. e. boyce and booker t. washington we mourn the loss of one of the greatest leaders. The nation's ever seen.

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