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Inspecting his wall, he says he signed an executive order that could put anybody who faces or tries to take down a monument statue facing 10 years in jail, he said last night in Lafayette Park, he did dispatch police. We send people there, and law enforcement did an incredible job. They ran into that place and we were Minutes away. It was a sneak attack on Twitter, by the way, has flagged his tweet about using force as being against its violence policies, and Democrats in the Senate say the GOP police reform bill is dead. There is no escaping the fact That Senate Republicans have drafted a policing bill that is deeply fundamentally and irrevocably flawed. Senator Chuck Schumer says he will not nobody will be able to get the 60 votes to bring it to the floor. So basically, it's d O A in San Francisco. I met Baxter. This is Bluebird, Brian. All right. Thanks very much. Ed. It's time for global sports. Top tennis player testing positive for Corona virus and there's a lot of there's a lot with this story, Dan. It gets complicated. It really does Brian, but world's number one ranked Novak Djokovic. Djokovic says he and his wife have both tested positive after the 17 time Grand Slam winner played an exhibition. Siri's In Serbian Croatia without observing any social distancing. This's the same guy that said he would maybe not even take a vaccine if it was developed Joke, which becomes 1/4 player to test positive after competing in the A Dream tour exhibitions now Brian, this is what you're referring to. The 35 year old has come under heavy criticism after video showed him partying and having dinner and hugging other players at a nightclub in Belgrade as if there wasn't a pandemic going on, which angered a lot of people in the sport. To express their anger on Social media. Sodom stays in seventh place than Premier League table to know one of the West Ham with Harry Caine Italian one of the goals while Leicester City remains in third place after playing brightening Oh Valbe into a scoreless draw checking out La Liga. Barcelona takes a three point lead over Real Madrid in the league table of one Nil win over athletic build ballot Cam know Madrid surpassed Levante one nail. In Syria. Copa Italia winner Napoli shuts out Hellas Verona to nail man city star Sergio Aguero is traveling to Barcelona have further tests done after injuring his knee before halftime in Monday's win over Burnley. Early schemes to show damage the knee, with some saying the striker commits the rest of the season. NFL media says both the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens have held internal discussions regarding signing wide receiver Antonio Brown the soon to be 32 year old of course, facing league discipline for legal reasons. All N ba Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic also testing positive Krone virus in his native Serbia, although the 25 year old is asymptomatic on the Schwartzman thatyou're Bloomberg World Sports update reshot. Thank you very much indeed. For that, then just to say we're looking forward to have well it move to the upside of perhaps a mixed up two Asian equities is the training day gets underway. We've had a bit of dollar weakness..

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