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Start today by visiting frontier dot com slash for all From news Radio LBJ NEWS desk. I'm Jake Ryan. And here is what's stopping Austin's news while not expecting people to make a mad dash for a booster shot like they did with the earlier rollout of covid vaccines. The Austin City Council is expecting demand for booster shots to increase soon. Austin Public Health director Adrian Strip says pre registering will speed up the progress You can register through Austin Health Force in the same way that you might have registered for your first round of vaccinations. The council is asking the city manager to divide Is a comprehensive plan for a booster shot rollout and to present that to the council next month. That booster is being recommended eight months after becoming fully vaccinated for mosquito pools in Travis County have tested positive for West Nile virus within the past two weeks before positive locations were found in Southeast Austin. No positive human cases related to West Nile virus have been found within Travis County. A pH officials noted that positive mosquito pools indicate the virus is in our community. Take a look at your weather forecast for tonight mostly cloudy skies with a low of 76 degrees. Current Austin News We found 24. Seven news radio K l b j dot com I'm Jake Ryan, the Todd and Done show, Ron. Good Morning. Good morning. How you guys doing? Oh, if we were any better, you need a biscuit to stop us up in a long time, John Man, it made me feel so good to know that you didn't have no place to go for Super Bowl. We haven't looked get together up in Alec 12 in Chicago on we're gonna be having fun. So you and your wife is up to it. Just come on up here. What do you need, John? I'm trying to catch some squirrels and all models and possible. Be one of them. Weird Super Bowl party. That's alright. That's alright. Smart, kind of part. Just get real good. Yeah, We're going to have it going on up here. We're gonna smoke, bro. We, you know. Yeah. Regular wine. We're going to have a good time. Don doesn't smoke that weed, But he'll do that melatonin. Not only the squirrel where we've got some stuff that you can enjoy. All right, all right. What kind of have a black woman He probably followed another. What? Uh oh, you might just mind what we drink. The more we smoke is going to get pretty rowdy, beautiful. But Todd and done show weekday mornings 5 to 10, a.m. the tide and done show. Disney's Jungle cruise attraction is changing course to reflect and value the diversity.

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