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And if you're looking at this from the Sixers Optimus kind of point of view, they don't really have too many guys that you can't cover like you can't hide kyri on Robert Covington anymore like if twice. This is the guy that like you have to hide Kyrie Irving, you're gonna get burnt a bunch. Of course. I mean, they're there to the two guys on the court who. That probably fourth and fifth on the core. Tobias Harrison JJ Radic, which are both terrifyingly accurate outside shooters. Yeah. Exactly jayjay could shoot it on one foot backwards drunk. You know, and we we I feel like I've seen that a million times in season. So from that point when you I mean, and that's the thing we say it all the time on paper in it's kind of the same thing with the Celtics on paper, they should be such a more dominant offense. I think a lot of my issue with them is their actual offense like an actual system put in place because I think that it's been catered to their best player shrinks, but it is really limiting in today's NBA. What Brett Brown is doing and also refuses to do. It's funny, though, we talk about these seem especially these two in particular about like we're almost done with the season. And it's still like, you know, on paver like, they should we vicious that. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's pretty fascinating how expectations have met. And then again, these teams are like top half of their conferences or the records are way above our hundred more. So than you know, the rest. Vs for sure. So it's not like they're struggling. But it is sort of a thing where you can see more for them. It's like why aren't you just as good as the bucks? Are. Why are you have? Joel embiid. Ben simmons. Okay. So we're saying the top two on the bucks are Janas and Chris Middleton. And then after Ben Simmons you have Jimmy Butler and Tobias hair. That's the thing. I just as good as the bucks. That's it's all about like system. Right because the bucks have tailored that roster to have every player who plays specific role like it fits into this larger like assembly line of system. Whereas the Sixers have just tried to sort of put something together with talent and coaching gas directly coaching. Yeah. And I guess this game in particular fed into the shrines of team. Mike Sixers that is top heavy where you have a guy like Jimmy Butler who while I don't want to rely on him just kind of jacking Layton games. And that's how you're going to win it. He has had some success. He's forty percent from three and clutch. Which was surprising now, it's small sample. I don't know how much you can really trust it. I mean, he definitely is one of those guys. It's not like you stealing. Waders? Yeah. But like some of the shots. He was taking were just like dribble up pull up three. And she's I wonder if this is just a matter of he was on in the second half and often the first, but I guess the problem in that is on the other end. Do we really have much faith in like all the defensive kind of woes at the Sixers have throughout the game. It just seemed like I don't know if they were. I don't know if it was a bad approach. But the very least there's a lot of miscommunication, especially on switches. I think there are leading to a lot of easy buckets for the Celtics and you have guys like James Ennis is really your six guy on this team. Mike, Scott is basically you're six seven guy in this team Boban played a little bit TJ played a little bit. But it really was only a couple of guys. And I don't know. I think there are those situations where deep team maybe like the raptors are just going to be able to pick off cleave in pretty much any lineup. You could have Toronto's terrible match up. I think for them, which is seems like that would be the two three at this point. Just going to say it's remarkable watching the raptors the primetime game afterwards. And it's like they're like all on a string. You know?.

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