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Joplin album too. Okay. West. Okay. Shut up. Yeah. All in surprise albums to like, we get it. Okay. Food baby. Yes. Please. We love it. We love it. Right. Voice of an angel abra. Tony you're going to magic mountain. Okay. Man. I love y'all. Much. Don't you? Don't forget your. Hold on. Tony hold on, man. Khloe in Pasadena in dean, Dana khloe. Hello. Good morning. Hey, so who needs S T F you on this Friday? All right. Oh, my. The aggressive. Because. Daisy. Now, I am. Keep going. I'm giving you four tickets to six flags. Magic mountain. Okay. In fourteen get all that anger when you're screaming on a roller coaster. Right now. Congratulations. You're all qualified for chance to win a pair of twenty nine thousand nine hundred season passes. Everybody that I hit us up right now through show, parallels. Six number one for hip hop. Give it to the morning..

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