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The the nuclear deal to stay in syria to retaliate against president assad for his use of chemical weapons and so there's this french desire to on the one hand continue working with the iranians but also recognition that what's happening in syria is is problematic not least of all because of the refugee crisis it's creating an and the political and social pressures that that creates back home in europe and and i think that first and foremost that is the driving logic of european politics it is what's happening at home and and they're they have to issues to contend with one is the huge lack of popularity of president trump's political price micro and has paid for his attempts to charm president trump are are quite large and the second is the populist backlash against the refugee crisis and navigating those we'll determine how both berlin and paris response one more detail though firing missiles into riyadh europe completely depends upon the middle east for energy that can't be a positive from kroner miracle or may well i i think ironically enough the the europeans are going to decide not necessarily with the uc's but they see the the many civil wars an abusive power by the saudis they point to the human rights abuses that they think have happened the civilian casualties that have taken place because of supposedly indiscriminate saudi saudi targeting and and really it's strange while they they are willing to side against iran in in syria they really see the the yemeni conflict says one that's exacerbated and made worse by the saudi intervention and so i think you're going to see a lot less european inclination to side against iran and yemen takes us a little further john's a point and that is north korea how do they read the decision does it aid the president in the upcoming negotiations well i certainly think president trump thinks so you know i think what is most interesting about the announcement on tuesday is that happened on tuesday president trump had given himself the deadline of may twelfth which is this coming sunday and so he made the announcement five days early and i think the reason for that was that secretary pump was in route to pyongyang.

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