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Cabana was on the trainer's table, receiving treatment for ugly bruise, and of course Mr Brody. League gives a pep talk previously to their match. Brodie Lee Stu greats in which he was the star of the fucking match. He's all those do work while bad. He did great and Cochabamba defeated Scu as expected brody league, giving cocoa butter the pin after all the work. That's how this is how this is supposed to be done. Are you a fan of dark order on still suspect about it because I'm ovals at the point where I really don't. Care Care What are you enjoying the fact that like like, Dick they they they give the recruits spoils like they give them the pin like make him feel important. Yes, but other than that is I. It's my mind control. The away drags a little bit for me. I don't know why I find it. A great story of manipulate lion. There yeah, but it's also to. Whereas I it just for me. It seems like it's dragging on. It reminds me of which we were just talking about. Busy reminds me like Disney villain like persuade someone to do something for them for a President Yo the meanwhile on Mr analyze on she's. No but like it's like mind, control manipulations thing I love it. I get it I. Understand what it is, but to me. I think this story is dry I. Guess probably whoever's the opposition is not making it fruitful for me I. Don't know I'm hoping I'm hoping that there's more to come on a side note, tully Blanchard, and spears were scouting FDR from the fan section and evil had no clear sign of injury from his wrist on dark. Okay Always, totally blanchard spears their scouting Peop- teams. Are we going to see a new four C.? And he'll I think so and I think Shawn. Spears is going to be the main leader. No I don't Seattle. And then finally the main event of the night we had Sorry Orange. Lawrence Cassidy versus Chris Jericho the match everyone was looking forward to quick side notes here on ten Ortiz coming out with the Bodega Orange Juice fucking fee nominal. It's all boy. The the big juggle fucking Podesta ours juice was great. Read after months shit year now sitting on the man himself Orange Cassidy. Getting the main event with Chris, Jericho as you look so enthusiastic right now. What are your thoughts on the main event? I thought that like I said we reset it for the long he could work. He could work and the one who actually put his match over better than anybody else's. Jericho especially when he sold the Elbe the Elbow Injury Yup on the outside I, know you've fucked on casting in the beginning of the entrance, though take telling to taking his jacket in his glasses off early series. That that a debt I fought with. She doesn't that make you feel a little better about orange cash like no like he's the jokes when it comes down to being serious and you. Get serious now. I think this gimmick should dire. I disagrees day and I. Do I think going back to what Mark said I think. I think dude he's number one in merchandise right now where you shop buying way. That get him facemask his shirt. That's shirt he wears. That is sold out for months. He's number one in merchandise. You can't you, can't you can't. Gimmick that is over like that as much when you make a thousand thousand people by is fucking. Come on man, but he's over. He's over dude I i. don't like the we his gimmick that much either, but he's over and you can't take that away from him, but I'm not taking on. Like I said. Mark Mark said. I think aws you a diverse plate of different flavors. Let the entire show. Like I said. Great match doesn't matter and I guess A. Day W has become the Of the fruit salad when I want steak and a stakes, not there so I have to eat the fruit salad, so, but it's still okay. And at the end of the day. What can I tell you? I- Gimmick is shit to me I don't I'm not a fan of it I don't like it. But I. I know the I know. The kid wrestle and his Jericho bumpy saying. Say This is the best match your career fucking, clearly delusional but. He just fucking toting over and over what a great a great! Finish! Second? If if fucking cameron grimes was Orange Cassidy. In ww NFC. They were fucking that they were hate. People were hated. So way so hawn. If Cameron. Grams was orange cassidy. Like if can. We had the Orange Kathy's gimmick. Yeah, people were hate it. They were hate it well. The man makes the Gimmick Right. I guess like that's like that's like that's like that's like saying. Triple H undertakes gimmick. Wouldn't really work. Maybe. But I like I said. It's definitely I think the man makes the Gimmick. which is what I. Know what I'm saying. Is that fucking? Eighty fans and wrestling fans on that shit is fickle and fucking full of Shit you're saying, is they're? They're hypocritical internal day like this. Is Not wwe I see that, and that's a very toxic part of the wrestling community that I don't like, and that's the reason why I don't like is because like I said. It's not your flavor of ice cream ads. Okay and I prefer. As a wrestler because he went. And I'll tell you. I think I was so proud of him. why you've seen them Russell before. Because you know I was probably because. It wasn't like a normal match like he wasn't facing a big swollen. Anything. He's not over. He's not over as in winning. He's not over. He beat someone darkened four seconds. EXA which by the way. Quick, shout out to aws, Dark Brian kilmeade junior made his debut this week. A great match Shawn Spears Shawn Spears of course picked up the win, but do we see Brian, Kunas assigning. He W which on which I don't know if you found out, but he wanted to get release from W and they refuse to release his contract now. He has a contract where he worked elsewhere. That's the problem is because now. They Day noted. There's other outlets so they can do that. Brian rates signing other than that That shit was fucking balls and where they are. What. Year. I actually hope that is becomes a thing to where he's there and he intervenes in the whole. Page in fucking Omegas Luanne that'd be. I think it's him best I work. Onto part well. What do you think about fire fest overall? Part one end to God. I thought it was great good. You. Filler polls show with an island, rose match, and a few squashes here number over all these magic growth standing. I have to w a lot of credit and I have to give next to you as well. Let's go over real quick catch. The defeated me a Yemen a street fight. What are thought thoughts? Millions get promoted no. I sat and thought that we still doing Canada Racia-. The analog candidate, the entering of really wasn't that good. No, but outside fucking killed guilty because. Of the match right MEA works very very well outside of the ring. I do believe me and using somewhere else on. She didn't. Leave her there. Did you have nothing else to go on? Exceed so lever their next. Somebody got shopping up and canvases. The past couple of weeks is not that fucking looking into why because she's, she's a he'll now. She's being limited on what she has to do. Is Not that good? Don't you know when you're can't show off your good? Yeah, you can't do the same shirt. Bronson Redefines Tony Nissan. I like Bronson. Read who? Understand this fucking guy. Re, yeah. I don't know why he's. He's big boy. WHO CARES I? Don't I, don't I don't get it I don't see nothing of. Prominence with reminds me of like of course Mark Lawson because he's like some own, or whatever but I think he's actually good. I like his look, I, he..

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