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Were called in when the winners okay okay I have a great time and everyone have a great day you too long thank you yeah Tony George good morning traffic Tony what's going on well the drive on the southbound side of the fifty seven is a busy one starting at temple you're gonna see delays all the way into the question the five in the twenty two and on the sixty freeway was found by just before you get to the fifty seven there's a car that's having some engine trouble that sucked into the fast lane so that the third Reich from Ramona and I've had westbound sixty is busy from as you saw all the way to the seven ten if you make me out towards the lake on the ten freeway Wes outside this before you get the pack road there's a band that broke down that's also blocking the left lane that's heavy it is is that and that was a busy all the way out towards the one I want to get into downtown they wrapped up the problem in south LA one ten freeway southbound side it's lots and they took that three car crash to the offramp traffic it's still pretty busy at Avenue twenty six over towards lessening the better of the head up to the one oh five north on say the one ten you still see brake lights out of from sentry to make the way over towards the one a one and speaking of the one a one southbound side just forgets about ball at there's a car they broke down the sin lanes and traffic is backing up their coming away from Tampa love is in the air at the ninety nine cents only stores Valentine's day is on its way and the heart wants what the heart wants mainly flowers neighboring chocolates candies and tons of lovey dovey greeting cards to make you and your loved one blast come to the ninety nine and shop ninety nine ways to will let your that your traffic I'm Tony Jordan but a four three might happen from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy for you every day with one thousand dollars easy money I just listened to win.

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