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I get to be fine but he doesn't do that. He doesn't do that because he's going to be spared. He thought you know what we're supposed to read that book and we haven't read that we're gonNA longtime and so. He decided to read that book. Out Loud. Not just. He doesn't get the priest to read it. He gathers up all the leaders the priests the prophets the elders and he reads the book in the Temple and he renewed the covenant with God and then just I had them clean house literally. He told them to get rid of the idols in the temple. Get rid of the Pagan priest. Get rid of the prostitutes. He also got rid of the horses who had been dedicated. The sign that seems accessible bad he just. I was so diligent like in his reforms that he took down. Alters located in Israel like Israel that's now owned by Syria. He goes and he's like no. We're not going to have this. Pagan Altar Bethel. That was set up hundreds of years earlier. I'M GONNA I'm literally GonNa Clean House and that's what he does. Yeah and I think there's I it's a really good example of leadership and like the character. He's trying to set because I think he is someone who has the product of a legacy of people who didn't set this foundation. And he's like even though. I'm not going to change anything maybe for the next generations. I'm going to set this thing in place to where they don't just find a book that Mary are real like there's going to be like no. No I know about this. I've heard the story. All right verse. Twenty one and the king commanded all the people keep the Passover to the Lord. Your God as it is written in this book of the Covenant for no such Passover had been kept since the days of the judges who judged Israel or during all of the days of the Kings of Israel or the kings of Judah but in the eighteenth year of Joe. Cya This Passover was kept to the Lord in Jerusalem..

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