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On 28 was a twenty-three-year-old scary wage. Yeah, a woman who has no right to look scary. Like it's going to be a great one take Hyundais there and then it's just going to be too scary looking women. Yep. One of which knows like high-tier fracking Judo. All right. Well now on to the end of the show and fuck time to make some more predictions boys because Clash of Champions Gold Rush is on the horizon and I'm just saying this match is probably going to happen because we're doing this before Smackdown where other matches can be announced in affected. I do genuinely think they're going to do Otisville is Ms. Or Morrison for the Money in Bank briefcase cuz last week they decided to sue Otis to get the briefcase because they are fucking just cartoon villains this point and I love it. And if that happens Morrison's getting the briefcase, that's that's what I think. Is it mohsen? All they have left to do now is say like swear revenge on moose and squirrel and they'll be, now. I listen. I'm going to I'm going to come back at this one and say that I think that Vince remember notice. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I gave him I him the briefcase and they took it away. I just have 500 get a bag. It's fine big boys going to win. Hey, Odis. Do that truffle shuffle. All right Dillon, who have you got if this happens? I fuck Otis. I'd have to see the episode. You know what I mean? Yeah. See Smackdown we will does all rely on Smackdown. I will say that's the only thing that we can say this because at this point there's no reason like he's had at this long and I don't think anybody's ever lost the briefcase physically. Yes, Edge beat wage Mister Kennedy for it correct, but that was because of like actual like injuries and politics. Oh, okay. I thought you just made like just because of storyline reasons. They were like, this was a mistake on to Osco versus zelina Vega in the most slapdash put together match for Osco, which is weird that you don't have a plan for her birth weight. That's right. Nobody's ready for us and nobody's just for asking how many times has Vegas actually wrestled on the main roster? Not that many but once she does a lot of the like wage Three-on-three, but as far as like one-on-one, not that.

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