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Twenty nine points. Couldn't stop Lou Williams. You could've stopped machos Herrell in in the interior you defensively you want focus your Warren locked. And and even though I worried about for this series. I'll be damned if I'm not worried about you James harden, Chris Paul in the crew come into the house you play like that. You gotta love the Ralph kramden MIR bag shells from the honeymooners there along the way. Well, it's still three two series. They still get an opportunity to wrap it up in game. Six in LA, all this winning and all this on even play of late Nick for Dell has a correlation. He was on the jump. They're more vulnerable than they've been in this year stretch to me home because they are emotionally exhausted. After all these wins and all these titles in the drama that has surrounded this whole season. It's not to say that they still can't turn it on enroll pass the clippers and get to the finals and winning again. I believe they will this team is exhausted though. And it's not a physical played a lot of minutes. It's up top in their brains. This is worn on everybody. And the fact that they're now going to game six against the clippers is another reminder. But I'd I'd remind everybody this this team all season has been at its best. When their backs are against the wall. How about this one? The rockets traveling to the bay area later on today, even though the clipper season series is not over as their tipping next round matchup with the two time defending champs night in baseball clued. Speaking of defending champs three.

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