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Odds i'm gonna take evens yes there was confusion here because in our message i said yeah sure i'll take the evens and then i'm actually draft everyone that was an odd number thank god i don't teach math right it's the fifth graders they don't need to know that so you are on the clock cleveland browns at number one which it's like the easiest pick in the world it's gonna be sam darnold here there's some play for josh allen still and maybe some other guys but cleveland cannot miss their quarterback so they have to address it they have the gm staff to do it they'll get their guy and i think it's going to be sam darnold based on what i saw it as pro day guy looked pretty good thrown in the rain did look good and i know people are like joking about that but that's important when you're going to cleveland oh yeah anywhere he north like playing in that weather or even if you know you're going out west somewhere getting him in cleveland showing that he can do it i love the pick there i like it as well and i agree with you it is going to be the pick okay and number two which may be this is renard ical while back actually about how this is the key to the draft what the giants do it too and there's been a lot of talk today they traded jason pierre paul so maybe they would take bradley chubb hey maybe they take a quarterback and maybe they don't like davis webb maybe they want someone else to groom behind la manning nah not for me no this on my my drag you take saquon barkley best player in the draft and i've said so many times that the best way to extend the career of eli manning is to give him a back like saquon barkley who can help in the run game helping the past game he do everything best running back prospect i've ever evaluated and you see teams doing that all the time now they're going out and getting running back to help their quarterback whoever they meet even when you know the cowboys take zeke elliott that was to help romo it ended up benefiting dak prescott but to help an aging quarterback.

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