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Now people are all you have a much more cold now yes you a much more cold much more cut off much less engaging in warm personality and you know you're always like tommy you go talk to them not because you're better personality but because sign times i don't want to deal with that person know because you're just you're more of a margin you're more like a recluse that you can you all i'm a loner for sure yeah on and on enjoy a lot of people's co was ted bundy i mean there's there's your have that same kind of i am the alone champ yeah definitely but i i'm very selective spend my free time went i had a handful of friends that i've had since i was fourteen people don't like you in general though it's that's not true i think but i think i make a great impression like a cursory sort of surface friend absolutely ask anybody at the comedy store who do you like better tom christina not comedy wise like who's funnier but who do you like as a person who's a better personality hands down i'm gonna win now you can win the yeah okay keep going and okay okay okay okay would you rather be skinny and eat whatever you want you can even everyone stay thin and not have to exercise but you're poor can stay poor for the rest of your life or you're rich unique whatever the fuck you want you can exercise but you always stay fat who say or fat but you've got like stacks laker a multi millionaire and you'll have to you don't have to work you can work when you want so it's skinny and poor or rich in fat and you can eat what you want in both scenarios i feel for many people this is so easy.

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