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It was yesterday. 69 degrees on the coast 79 inland 71 of the mountains and one of one in the in the desert high cloudy skies. I'm gonna just need a little bit more coffee here These guys and 65 right now downtown Kogo to use time. 5 11 Police are releasing more information on the death of a 60 year old San Diego man found in an alley off Niagara Friday night. It turns out it was a hit and run police. Say 60 year old Frank Neil had fallen into the road. It was hit by a large white vehicle whose driver kept going. Police say a good Samaritan performed CPR on kneel before paramedics got there, but the man died at the scene. Surveillance video captured an image of the vehicle believed to be in early two thousands model Chevy Suburban or GMC Yukon with a sun roof. Race suspension, shiny silver rims and side molding. Anyone with information is asked to call San Diego police or Crimestoppers. A third victim is dead. A second arrest is made after last weekend's shooting at a birthday party in New Jersey, New Jersey state police say Darryl Dawkins of Bridgeton has been arrested and charged with unlawfully possessing a gun. However, police do not believe right now that he fired any shots at the party. State Police also announced afeard death in the incident. Braille in homes of Millville City, died in a hospital Tuesday night. A motive has not been released from the shooting that police say sent more than 100. People at the party running for cover. Police continue to ask for photos, video or eyewitness accounts of what led up to the deadly shootings. Using wind and sea to generate power on land. That's the idea behind an agreement that's been signed by Governor Newsome and the federal government. The agreement means floating offshore wind platforms located 20 to 30 miles off the California coast that could provide clean power for up to 1.6 million homes over the next decade. The U. S Department of the Interior will offer a lease sale as early as next year within 400 Square mile area off the central coast northwest of Moral Bay and said For area off the northern California coast. Newsome says the offshore wind industry has the potential to create tens of thousands of good paying jobs and UN Beale leave a ble new video has gone viral. It shows a couple of bees working together to open a bottle of soda. Hop atop again. The moment was captured last week on a bottle of Orange Fanta in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It shows too, honey bees working in unison to lift the cap off the bottle. Industrious bees eventually succeed much to the delight of the woman taking the video has people buzzing on social media, with many agreeing that the bees air taking over I'm Michel Kastner. Bees apparently, are the new overlords. People say You know what? I'll take him. You could see that video one right now. Who cares? I'm good to see that video on our morning news page at coco dot com. Alright, coming up with six this evening. It is right now with Lou featuring a look at the day's top stories and you've got something interesting for us this morning, Lou. Good morning, 10. Madonna. Here's my question. If the bees are on the other side of the top of the fancy cap, How did they know that they're working with another be maybe the beat. Maybe just thought. Wow, I'm really strong. I mean, what do they do this myself? They may not even have been aware they're working together. Oh, please. There are new overlords. Lou. Just deal with their taking over alright, well, CDC guidelines back in the news, half of US adults. Now fully vaccinated as you reported, but that number drops down to just 39%. When you add in all the people under the age of 18 Aziz, you now are aware that Fizer as an authorized 12 to 15 year olds. To get the vaccination. But Donna said today that they are now seeking approval to add another option so teen should have widespread availability before school starts this fall. I know we're just heading in It's a Memorial Day weekend. But a lot of parents are concerned about what's gonna happen when all the summer fun is over. What's this school? You're gonna look like already? 14% of the nation's kids. 12 to 15 years old have received their first shot that, according to the AP, and those numbers are mirrored here in San Diego. But what's next? Because the CDC guidelines as if we understand the correctly is four fully vaccinated people there is no vaccine available for anybody under the age of 12. Currently, that would mean everyone from kindergarten through sixth grade would not have the option to be vaccinated, so couldn't be fully vaccinated. So for parents of kindergartners through sixth graders, they'd be right back where they started. Come form well, according to NPR, Madonna and adviser are doing trials right now on Children between the ages of two and nine. They say that those trials take a little bit longer because they are Children, but they would be A available at least to look at approval by the end of the year. So that's looking like Christmas. The CDC could change a lot of this. They could relax mask mandates for 5 to 11 year olds. As the school year started mass mandates on Lee were, in fact, in place in California for third graders and above so they could extend that all the way to fifth grade that would clear Lot of opportunity for parents who don't want their kids in masks going to the full or they could grant Oh emergency approval for the vaccine for kindergarten through fifth grade. But what will happen if the parents don't go along? The Kaiser Family Foundation recently put out a survey saying 60% of parents saying, No, they don't want to have their kids vaccinated. They want to wait and see. Also, there is the question of mandating the vaccination for the Children, which is a whole nother megillah. So it looks like we're gonna be wrestling with this vaccination question for kidney gardeners through fifth grade here in San Diego through the summer, General Donna All right, Lou Penrose tonight at six. Right here on news Radio. 600 Kogo, everyone. All right, Thanks. Lou will be right back. Okay? A new sign 5 17..

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