Senator Bill Nelson, President Trump, Florida discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Machines in Palm Beach county, Florida broke down late Tuesday, reportedly losing a day's worth of tallies from the counting started Tuesday morning. More lawsuits over the recount had been filed democratic Senator Bill Nelson filed a new federal lawsuit wanting the Thursday three pm deadline moved until the recount is done period. Republican governor Rick Scott leaves Nelson by just twelve thousand votes, Scott dot waiting flying to Washington acting as Senator elect for photos in Senate meetings this week Phil Keating in Florida members of congress and the newcomers will vote later today on the first of the congressional leadership elections. It does not include the speaker of the house vote will come after thanksgiving by the end of this week. President Trump may submit rhythm answers to some of the special counsel, Robert Muller's questions. Sources tell Fox News. His legal team is completing work on the answers to questions about Russian election meddling, but not about the firing of former FBI director James Comey. The president's legal team considers those questions. Infringe on the president's constitutional power to hire and fire boxes. Catherine Herridge one air force pilot is dead and other injured in the crash of a t thirty eight Talon training jet at the. Luckily, air force base in Texas. No names have been released until the family members can be told it's too soon to know what the cause might have been remains of six more victims have been found in the rubble of the paradise California flyer that raises the number of people killed in that wildfire to forty eight the national guard sending one hundred soldiers to help with the search for others and several people have been arrested for looting prompting this warning from Butte county sheriff Corey Honi. We're gonna stop you. We're gonna investigate and we're going to take you to jail if we find your vital violating the law. People arrested Tuesday, towing a mobile home that had been stolen from evacuation area..

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