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I'm Steve cave in to hear the White House press secretary Telit newly threaten tariffs on Mexico should come as no surprise. We've been giving them advance warning for months, we've asked them, repeatedly and told them they have to do more do more to stop the flow of migrants. Sarah Sanders says and President Trump tweets drug flows in issue to the plan tariffs would take hold in just under two weeks and would increase over time. They target everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to autos tariffs, would impose a significant cost on carmakers who both produced vehicles and Mexico, and import parts from there for vehicles made in the US the American automobile policy council, also saying, this would undermine the new trade deal that replaces NAFTA carmakers have recently been working with the administration to try to get that deal through congress, w w j radios Jeff Gilbert, a rulings. Expected today on the battle over whether Missouri's only abortion clinic should stay open CBS's. Anna Warner temporary restraining order would stop the state from refusing to renew its licence. The Missouri department of health says it's a safety issue, over violations of state laws and regulations. The department director left the door open to negotiate. We could talk with the doctors between now and then reach a resolution as to those issues that we have concerns about, and it might be a simple saying, yes, we all wish that hadn't happened. But this is what we're going to do. And if you to keep it from happening, and we would say Fort Smith, Arkansas, one of the areas, hit hard by flooding from the Arkansas river, Tim Allen with the local chamber of commerce is keeping an eye on it. So river is at four zero point five again is expected to rise slightly over the weekend to four zero point eight for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. It's the day. The music died..

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