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Just watch billy madison if you haven't seen it go to la how much money do you have not a lot of money nothing thousand dollar not even not even we're gonna live i rented a an apartment that i found online back in back then it was like kind of weird to do that i've never come trying to think i think it was in i think it was west la somewhere off of sepulveda's maybe somewhere over there right and then you have a roommate no you just had a little apartment you stayed in yeah yeah with the rent was god probably nine hundred or something years this is this two thousand this five oh this is recently no i mean i i moved to la ninety eight or more we know this two thousand two this is two thousand and two maybe right no this is the two thousand maybe i don't even know incentive of moving out other than yeah i wanna be an actor but did you have any lead no friends i had no prospects i had no idea how to be an actor i had no idea how to get an agent i had no idea how to do anything i just knew that i was i knew that i knew how to get a job at a restaurant waiting tables like it's like support myself work i worked at a restaurant called remmy that no longer exists it was on the thirsty prominent i worked restaurant called monsoon on the third street promenade or i don't know that there is still there i think monsoon store there i worked at a place called barefoot that doesn't exist anymore i worked at a place called lepetit bistro which is on law cnn guy think and you just kept going around money worked at the avalon hotel shots i think i had really shitty had shots from like some silly thing that i did and you love to see it now no you don't know.

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