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Right, I want to turn our attention back to a serious topic we've been following the story really for the entire show, since it happened early this morning, a gunman hurled us or lobbed some sort of a smoke bomb and then opened fire on a subway in the sunset park area of Brooklyn, New York, great to have with us on the patriot mobile news. The former police commissioner himself, Bernie kerik, Bernie, good to have you with us today. I know it's been pretty busy for you. Thanks, Todd. All right, Bernie, what is it that strikes you based on the information we now know what 16 people injured, there's a manhunt underway. This did not happen in a tourist area. What should we make of the info we now have? Well, I mean, look, nobody wants to speculate at this point, but just based on what we know, we have a male black that was about 5, 5 we had about a 180 pound stocky. Wearing what the police commissioner has now described as a green construction vest. Got onto the subway entered a car detonated a smoke grenade and immediately thereafter opened fire. He shot ten people, I think, 6 of them got off at the stop at the first stop. And then four people got off at the next stop, a stop later on another train. That being said, this investigation will go on for some time. Even if they take this guy into custody, which I'm sure they will do in short order. Within the New York City mass transit system, there's a number of cameras down in the tubes and there's a number of cameras outside. Also, you have cameras, vendors, residences outside that have ring cameras and other surveillance devices. So I'm sure within the next 24 hours, they'll have some IDs, some photos, some things like that that we'll be able to identify at least in picture form the suspect, and then they'll take the phones, they'll ping the all the phones that we're in that area. There's some information that this guy was lingering around that subway station, about two hours at a dance. I'm sure they'll hit the cell towers. They'll see who was out there two hours in advance, who was around the system at that time that are less than their pool of who they're looking for. There's a number of ways. They'll identify and catch this guy. But it's going to take a little time to get there. Very impressed with the conductors. If a female announcer, so the female conductor got that train into the station and was telling people to get off and it sounds like the police were there. In a pretty quick fashion and helped get people to safety..

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