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Everybody's saying for our country and for our Children. The best is yet to come. Indeed it is and the best is always there for you. In the case of series accidents, resulting in serious injury, the law offices of Michael A. Freedman, Michael Oh, and his firm. Uh, of course, Get Stephen Rachel Alpert Friedmann, associate attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, Everybody there is in the business of law. And the goal is that when you call his firm, they get you to the right person and they can begin to work on your claim or on your case immediately. So again, Don't Fool around with this kind of thing. You don't try to be your own lawyer. Go with somebody that you know has got the experience the knowledge and wisdom that would be Michael and his firm. They've been doing this for 40 years. And they do it. I think better than anybody else because they take care of everything. I mean everything so that you can just concentrate on getting better. You recover from your injuries. You can get back to my family back to your job back to running your business. All those Very important things in life and not have to worry about dealing with the insurance companies. And and, uh, you know, again, if you need a doctor, or you need some medical cost, advancement, whatever the case may be, they'll take care of it. And, of course, last couple years over $4 million in rewards back to the clients of the law firm so again start with the website. It's very informative and helpful as the 15 things. Remember, you can download that keeping in your glove compartment or above your advisor if you ever are involved in a serious accident, resulting in serious injury and a lot.

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