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PhD in applied mathematics decides to data mine for dates support for the month comes from Babbel a language app that teaches real life conversations in a new language like Spanish French or German doubles ten to fifteen minute lessons are available in the app store or online after battle D. A. V. E. L. dot com and from progressive insurance with the name your price tool offering a range of coverage and price options to choose from now that's progressive more at progressive dot com or one eight hundred progressive the north radio hours produced by Atlantic public media in woods hole Massachusetts and presented by PRX life in New York City during this pandemic is anything but normal what's different about life now than before cancel key fob and as the city struggles with the corona virus New Yorkers try to find a way to stay safe and still meet their needs the friendly to everybody keep it this this of course will get through this wall right now that's on the next morning edition from NPR news weekday mornings on WNYC support for WNYC comes from the New York review of books a journal of ideas the latest issue includes Jason Farago on Caleb Crain Laura Colby on Silvina Ocampo Nathaniel rich on PT Barnum and entries from our pandemic journal online it and what books dot com W. NYC independent journalism in the public interest ninety three point nine FM and AM eight twenty NPR news and the new York conversation this is the moth radio hour from PRX I'm Sarah Austin Janice it's time for our last story from Los Angeles Chris McKinley came to us from.

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