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Said this one guy we're looking for this is how the five and six year old witnesses described him a white male. Twenty to fifty years old with a bump on his head. And that's it and a white truck. So we asked these were kids. He was playing with five and six year old those were your informants, or the parents of those kids know, the kid only only witnesses, right? So we got that information. So I put that out as a media strategy. We're looking for this guy who had a white truck and a bump on his head. And he was twenty to fifty years old in this neighborhood. I said he from this neighborhood because there was actually three sightings of the guy within an hour. And nobody raised the alarm he just fit in. So I thought he was from somewhere real nearby. So we got two calls. One guy. Live catty corner across the street. One guy lived down the street. And I said that you've them not answer the door during the neighborhood canvas. They said this one guy catty-cornered across the street didn't answer the door his door now. And they were like you can't kick in his door. I said yes, you can. And I had to argue all the way up to the chief of police, and then the district attorney, and I said the US is pre in court gives us the right to search child sized containers for the safety of the child not searching for evidence of a crime. But we have to get in there because sometimes kids. Wander into apartment or locked or get stuck in a frigerator or in a car will or whatever it is. And so what ends up happening is they they gather swat team. They kick in the door. And they said this is twenty eight hours later. He's here. He's alive. He was tied to the bed. He was badly injured, but he survives today. And after they said he's there and alive. I basically the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I got really nervous. 'cause I said what if I hadn't argued? Yeah. Yeah. And so I mean, that's that's that's these situations where your judgment has to be so keen, absolutely. You know, you have confidence in what you're doing. Absolutely. That's what makes a great professional at any discipline. Right. I think what happens is after doing hundreds and hundreds of these cases, actually literally we did about fifteen hundred cases year. So eventually thousands of these cases you warm your instincts you have judgment. Yeah. And you have to rely on it. You learn to stop consciously thinking through the possibilities and let your sub conscious to crunch the Matt do the numbers because that works like ten billion times faster than you. That's Jim Clemente. Follow Jim Clemente dot com. C L E M E N T babushka retired retired FBI special agent with us. And of course, Jim Clinton is retarded supervisor special agent profiler eight hundred two two five two to everyone who part of this conversations, but they live.

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