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Cordelia arrested one person cited to others and impounded to V. Eckels used inside shows early yesterday morning the first happened Fairfield in North Texas street in east Taber Avenue in a few minutes later a side show broke out in Cordelia on red top road coming up on KCBS side Jeffrey Schaub in Oakland the man charged with killing near will senator bart station will stand trial we just want closure now this traffic update it's eleven await in this report is sponsored by super micro here's all the Jack of San Jose won a one south bound after Oakland road you have a two car crash that was blocking the right lane good news is C. H. B. has cleared it out the way but you are still seeing some residual delays here and there then moving over to Tracy eastbound two oh five after eleven street of the left lane closed for highway construction and it really slows things down between Tracy Boulevard and five I definitely recommend taking grant line road or eleven street all the way through Tracy meanwhile Castro valley five eighty westbound you will see it re striving taking place in the two left lanes you start to slow down a little bit after Castro valley Boulevard that extends all the way to two thirty eight and Oakland north bound Nimitz after twenty Third Avenue you have the two left lanes blocked yeah but it doesn't seem to be bothering traffic too much just a little bit bit slow and go your next traffic update eleven eighteen how the traffic later quesadilla on a fog tonight fog and clouds in fact and a little bit of drizzle to go along with it as well but will turn sunny tomorrow everywhere except the coast with highs in the sixties to the low and.

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