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Birthday to Sarah Hahn, who is one of our terrific auditors. And I noticed she is sick right now with COVID and said she lost all sense of taste and smell. So that has to suck. We're wishing you the best half my Facebook friend list is sick right now. Lynn poppa and doctor Wendy Ying. It's her birthday today. Happy birthday, doctor Yang. You're gonna hear from doctor Yang. Next week, I think she's coming on the show with Jamie. So she's filling in for me. And also, we were not disappointed last week. Remember our goal was to have no weeks this year without a new auditor? Well, we had four new auditors last week. We want to thank, oh, give the disclaimer. Which one? Yeah. The whole deal. He's going to mispronounce your name and it's a badge of honor because he mispronounces everybody's name. Thank you. Tom smythe is Tom Smith. Just so you know, he's gonna screw it up. Okay. No matter how easy it is. There's some fun ones today. Julianne Roland, she had the easy name. Steph pestka pest. Has a similar easy name. Christina linga. I'm going with that. And Nicole Gonzalez, thank you, Nicole for being the one with the name. I really could pronounce today. So thank you all for joining and becoming auditors if you're not part of the auditor group on Facebook, search for Adrian auditors and ask to join. That's where all the fun happens and where we get these training questions from and all that stuff comes from the auditor group. So head on over there. And thank you for not giving us a big goose egg last week. Welcome, everybody. Oh, sweet Mary. Mother of God. Lucas has gone back to school. It seems like he's been offer a year. This private school, man. If I went to school, they have been off for three and a half weeks. Today was the day, so thank you, honey for driving him to school. I appreciate it. I'm like, okay. That's cool. And then today, this morning he sits on. He's like, hey, we didn't hang out with my friend. He just listed things that he didn't get to do. During the break that he was off. And I'm like, dude, you've been here for almost a month. Enough. If you didn't do it then you're not gonna do it now. He's like, oh, I need to tiny to write a letter to my pen pal and it is and he doesn't like you had time. You had time. That time when you were like, annoying me. Mom? Mom, what can we do? I don't know, come help me with the horses. Is there anything else I can do?.

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