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County the debate is heating up again montgomery county is looking to head this off at the pass our county has been opposed to this bridge forever and remains opposed to this bridge council president roger berliner says the council's voting on a resolution today to express just that to the regions transportation planning board there set to vote next week on studying the possibility further loud and county spend the biggest proponent of a new bridge our priority should be fixing what is broken not fantasizing about a bridge that will not happen earlier says the county's still like to see hot lanes on the legion bridge and the to seventy steve burns on wmal in wmal dot com maryland governor larry hogan says he hasn't heard about today's montgomery county council resolution on the new bridge were actually doing a second summit on the crossing that we've already fullyfunded and agreed to and that's 300 on potomac the second most heavily traveled the place in in maryland so we've already committed to a second crossing i think you're talking about a third crossing governor owed him blends a news conference later today in montgomery county with an update on i two seventy construction the man who set up a meeting between donald trump mm junior at a russian lawyer during last year's campaign says it occurred at the behest of a moscowbased singer with family ties to the trump businesses trump jr concedes he made time for the meeting organized by music publicist rob goldstone hoping to get some damaging information on hillary clinton checking your money the dow open today of twenty one four nine the nasdaq at sixty 176 sports shares are will be the starting pitcher for the national league in tonight's allstar game yankee slugger erin judge wednesday homerun derby and wimbledon jills muller of luxembourg upsets twotime champ rafael nadal to reach the men's quarterfinals wmal news time 705 next traffic.

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