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A month or so ago. Gentlemen came by the dive shop to drop off his old gear as donation. That's always interesting to see. What type of vintage scuba gear might walk in well. This time we saw some old sherwood aqualung tanks with some farallon fins. Unfortunately one was cracked on it and a couple of regulators one of the regulators was in nineteen eighties. Vintage decor pacer. I've already discussed decor here on the show. But the second regulator was poseidon cyclone probably around the same vintage. It is pretty cool. And it also made me realize. I didn't know anything about poseidon or regulators so it was time for more research and what i found was pretty fascinating first off poseidon. Regulators come from sweden. That's where the inventor ingvar elvstrom lift turns out as a young man. Ingvar was fascinated by the underwater world and wanted to dive back in the late. Nineteen forties and early fifties. Scuba equipment was not readily available and difficult to cure so ingvar. Did what a lot of the pioneers in diving did. He built his own regulator in his kitchen. I believe that was in around. Nineteen fifty four also right around this time. Ingvar formed a dive club and named it. Poseidon this first regulator was a double hose rag and he named it. The poseidon senior in the same timeframe ingvar teamed up with a couple of friends. Ralph tis strategy and dennis audubon to form a company to sell the precise brand and that company was originally called aqua sport it was founded in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight in gothenburg sweden and it still located there today now. According to the siding website and facebook page they claim that they have produced the first single hose regulator in the world and that regulator was called the cyclone junior. I think i read that. That was in nineteen fifty eight as well as we've seen however there was a lot going on at this time with sam moroccan sports ways and dick anderson and health ways. We didn't have the instantaneous news. Reporting that we have today are the ability to readily share information so hard to say exactly who was first being ingore. Ralph and dennis lived in in dove and sweden. There was indeed for thermal protection so they branched out into wetsuits. Still the need for warmth during diving prevailed and by nineteen sixty. Three poseidon was contract by the swedish navy to come up with a solution. That's where they came up with a neoprene dry suit that they called the unit suit and it is billed as the first gas tight. Neoprene dry suit. I think that dry suit then became the commercially available jet suit. In addition to the new cyclone single hose regulator poseidon also upgraded their double hose rag from the senior to the poseidon monon by nineteen eighty four. The company opened up state of the art manufacturing plant along with a massive unique pool facility. Ingvar passed away. Nineteen ninety eight at the age of seventy but that did not mean that was done innovating. Also according to their website the presiding seven plus re breather was the world's first recreational re breeder has been around for a really long time over sixty years and they are still force believe it or not they are still producing the cyclone series of regulators the cyclone ax and a couple of out along with their extreme and jetstream regulator offerings. They also still make the seven-plus re breather poseidon also manufacturers. Abcd using computers on their product lines. They don't spell out. Wet suits dry suits but they do have an online manual for their mission in one suit wetsuits. Perhaps i will still need to do a little bit more research on this. I also have a bit of research do on that. Presiding cyclone came into the shop. I am not sure of the exact model. I did pull the serial number but have not yet been able to track it down. It was certainly before they use the alternate second-stage. However i did have a gauge console with farrell on.

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