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Our conversation this morning on V 103 Talking about CT Vivian the late Reverend C T. Vivian. And icon John Lewis. You know, many people knew of SETI Vivian's name. Some people didn't actually know even though he worked. Until he passed away on Saturday morning. Many people didn't know what CT Vivian I did for the movement. There was an incident back in 1965. Think about this. Everybody. Black people had already had the right to vote. Back in 1965 and Selma, Alabama, on the steps of the Dallas County courthouse where people were standing in line to get up. The vote. And the sheriff there. Jim Clark was stopping people from coming into the courthouse. The vote, basically saying that they're thugs and criminals and They don't have the right to vote before even let them in there. And C T. Vivian. Made history that day by stepping up and stepping in front of the sheriff and the things that he said actually caused the sheriff to punch him in the face. And it was very dangerous. But CT Vivian stood strong. My good friend Ernie Suggs at the A. J. C. Talked about it and sat down with C T. Vivian and a very interesting interview and talk to him about that experience. And for those people who may not know who CT Vivian Wass As we begin this conversation this morning. I just want you to listen to this clip right here. This is the clip from C T. Vivian on the steps of the courthouse. And he begins to tell Ernie sub to the agency he narrates. What was going on in this historic clip from 1965. Listen to this. We're.

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